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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 4 and Day 5 : Bangkok City

It's been a week and I guess its time for stories of Day 4 and Day 5 in Bangkok City !!
Hmm..where should I start with ?  It's the journey back from Pattaya to Bangkok..am I right? 
Okay, so I was saying that I am in Pattaya earlier right and stayed for a night, the forth day has come so well, it's time back to Bangkok and had some shopping again !! 

Let's have some sightseeing, I'm going to show you guys the biggest mansion in Thailand. My dad told me that this mansion is own by a boss of 'chicken' and so called King of Chicken...hahaha! It's not that 'chicken' har, its a real chicken, this boss actually had a lots of chicken farm and he supplied chicken to all over Thailand and various country like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and more.. 

Here's the mansion, you can actually lvisit the entire mansion and garden by buying a ticket because the owner no longer stay there and he decided to open it as a tourism destination. 
Too bad that we did not visit it as we had no much time left so just drop by and took few pictures only, it's somewhere near Pattaya.

Now, visiting is done, it's time to continue the journey back to Bangkok again. 
Too tired and slept while all the way back to Bangkok.
45 mins later..
Reached Bangkok and we decided to go to Siam Centre for Madame Tussaud Wax Musuem. 
We ended up didnt get to visit the wax musuem as there's some problem happen so I actually quite upset about it, because the reason I come to Bangkok is shopping and also the wax musuem, but I can't get to go.. 
Quite dissapointed so I'll be going to Bangkok again soon !!

Since we can't get to visit the wax musuem, but the only thing that never let me down is go for SHOPPING! 
Getting ourself a Tuk Tuk and off to Platinum Mall for shopping fever !! 

Here's some shot of we in the tuk tuk.. 

Okay, I didnt have any picture while we are in the Platinum Mall because once I step into the mall, I am so fucking excited and can't wait to spend my entire cash that I have! 
It's shopping heaven because they had all the latest trend clothes and in a very cheap price!!

For your information, Platinum Mall is a best place to shop for teenage and 20s youngster.
They had total of 8 floors and I think each floor has more than 150 stores. It's crazy right? 
I knew that total of 5 floors is selling ladies clothes, 6th floors is mens clothing and 7th & 8th floors is food and accesories.
Can you imagine that the total of 5 floors is full of women's clothing/apparel! This is crazy man! 
Really can shop till you drop lo.. plus the price is really cheap.. 

Tips for shopping in Platinum Mall : 

- Know your own size well because majority if the stalls are not allow to test the clothes
- No more bargaining the price as is all nett
- Wear as comfoatbale as you can, because it's quite heaty 
- Bring enough cash to shop, most of them don't accept cards
- There's a money changer right outside the mall
- Always ask for the new piece
- Stalls start closing at 6pm so be fast!
- Always buy once you see something that you like or else you hardly find back the shop
- If the time is near to their closing, you can still nego with them a lil bit. 
- Bring a bottle of drinks with you as once you shop, you'll lazy to buy drinks *maybe is only me* 

So this is all the tips I can share with you for the Platinum Mall shopping experience that I've got. 

Next is our dinner in Bangkok's MacDonalds

Frankly, I really miss the old packaging of Filet-O-Fish like the picture above. 
With a blue paper to wrap the burger, and Bangkok is still using this kind of packaging instead of putting in a box
Besides, their chilli is awesome! You should try their chilli, it's way different from what Malaysia and Singapore has. 
Awwww~~ I started to miss there like so badly =(

After we settle our dinner and we are heading to our last destinations of the day which is Terminal 21 at Asok, Bangkok. 
You can alight at Asok BTS Station as the Terminal 21 is located just right infront of the station 

The view from the station

Ignore my chubby face here =(

This is how 'smelly' of our face while we are too tired alry 

Last picture in Terminal 21 and it's time to go back ! 

This is what we gain for the day ! Well, I'm not so satisfy with it yet, I think I should go back again and shop more!!!!

Tired of the day muahaha but we enjoy it !! 

Let's move on to Day 5 which is the day we are leaving Bangkok in just few hours time,so sad 

Meeting my dad early in the morning and this is  what we had for our breakfast in Black Canyon Coffee House. 

After we finished our breakfast, we sent my friend to Don Muang Airport as her flight is earlier than us..

Meeting one of my Dad's best friend in Bangkok after sending my friend to Don Muang Airport. 
We had lunch together and my dad back to Chiang Mai after the meet up so his friend will take care of us and fetch us to airport later. 
So this uncle Vasu is really kind and he actually bring us to his factory to visit. 
It's awesome seeing those big machine doing the plastic packaging. 
Its quite a huge business and he also brought us to his house to meet his wife and of course his guns! 
Guess what? His wife is the Asia Top 1 shooter ! How cool is she! OMO !!

His wife is toooo friendly and also the dog and cat that they keep!! 
It's too cute and chubby, didnt post up the picture as I don't knw where I put the picture already.
So forget it because the main thing is the shooting session. 
I guess this is the only thing that I've never ever expected to be on my travel list! 
It's really awesome. 
The uncle's cupboard is full of guns and I can see my favourite gun which is the big kind of Machine Gun! OMG!! This is so cool! 

Later on, he bring us to the shooting field in the army place. 
We had some shooting at there and this is the only chance we get to hold a REAL M16 ! 
It's pretty heavy and OMG, I look so cool with the gun. 
The shooting sound is like so exciting...bang bang and BANG! 
This is the great experience I've ever gain!   

Took a picture with their TOP 1 shooter in Bangkok. 
The gun she's using is Dessert Eagle, the most powerful handgun, only contains of 7 bullets in one time. 

This is what we holding before the M16 !
It's kind of heavy.. but when you shoot you don't feel the heaviness at all.

Here's a shot of M16 and me! 
Cool right? 

The boyfie with the M16 !
He look so tan in this picture hahaha!! 

In the airport while waiting the Custom Guard bring us in through the VIP Departure Gate, which means we don't need even queue and get the chance to go through where all the artist used to check their luggage and passport area. 
Just too bad we didn't get to see any artist at that moment hahaha.. 
It's arranged by my dad's friend also. 

I know I look ugly in this picture but still nevermind... hahaha

A picture of the image that we bring all the way back from Bangkok. 
It's the image that we shoot with the handgun. 

Ended Bangkok post with all the Instax Film we took while we are on the trip in Bangkok. 
It's really a very nice trip and we get to enjoyed a lot of places, priviledges and of course, foods!! 
Thanks to my dad who bring us around and also uncle Vasu for bringing us to shooting! 
They are really awesome and this is an unforgettable memories and experience that I've gain! 

Will back to Bangkok real soon!! 
I miss Bangkok too badly !! 

Hope you enjoy it readers! 

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