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Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 3 : Bangkok

Finally blog about my third day trip in Bangkok..Well, this time round is not about Bangkok but Pattaya!!
I am so excited about it because this is not under my planning and it was suggested by my daddy, of course he will be the one who drives us there.

So we start our journey from Phra Ram 9,Bangkok at around 10am and drop by for breakfast at the highway express food centre. The weather is freaking hot and my dad drop by at the downtown of Pattaya to get some cheap and fresh seafood for dinner later on, so here we are!!

I dont know what is it call as, but as I know is a kind of traditional candy in Thailand.
It's pretty and cute, isn't it? 

Say HELLO to Pattaya's buddy here.. 
Oops, he's sleeping so soundly...shhh *walk away*

Grilled rice in the bamboo stick.
Taste good!!

The seafood at the market is really damn cheap, 1kg of BIG PRAWN is selling at 200baht + cooked !! Its like $9 per kg of BIG PRAWN. Seriously where to find that cheap price of FRESH seafood in Singapore and Malaysia. You gotta try this, It's funky delicious!

Well, while my daddy went down to get us those seafood, of course is time to CAMWHORING!!

WoW too much of my own selca, and the pictures are like trying to be COOL in a way.. hahaha
but .. I thought this is me ? 


Next destination will be a Chinese Temple which is built up by China. 
It's damn beautiful but too bad I didn't walk into the temple because it's too hot and don't feel like walk further. SO just few of the pictures taken at the outside of the temple. 

Here's a picture of Amanda and me
P/s : Butt is on fire because the rock is way too HOT !!

Picture of me again ...

While on our halfway to Pattaya, here we saw a very modern hotel by the roadside, so nice...

 Here we are in Pattaya!! 

The Hilton Hotel in Pattaya, looks luxury and wish to stay in like so badly!! 

Didn't get to go to the beach to feel the sun and the beach because it's too much peoples at the beach.
Secondly, don't wanna get TAN !! 
Thirdly, HOT!! 

SO we decided to walk around at the mall and some roadside stalls or so called market. 

Spotted a still-driven old antique car at the parking area.

Guess what to do with this cute lil banana leaves attap-house ? 
Its the Mango Rice stall, cute hor ? 

Wahhh..shiooooook nye~

Spotted this lil kid when we were on our way the the roadside market..new born Pattaya buddy

His face ... steam sia.. 

There's a Ripley's Believe It or Not in Pattaya ! Check around the outside only,too bad that we are rushing to dinner so can't really admit into the indoor parks they had. 

I wasted my 50 baht for this so-called fortune telling ! 
Arghh.. 3 of us trying the machine out and guess what ? 
The card that the machine given is all the same.. 
I'm like so naive right.. ehh no, it's 3 of us.. haha

A picture of my dad and me. 
To be frank, I miss him so much eversince the day we met while we're in Bangkok

Please ignore my SO unglam face.. 

He's REAL hor !! NOT FAKE ehh, he's moving while we took his picture and this gave us a shock.. like seriously

Lil transformer spotted

This is scary man, you will know only if you are there.. ahaha.. he with the chain.. 

My lovely BUMBLEBEE is in PATTAYA !!!!

You can actually fly with the hot-air balloon..
Can't really remember the price but it's really worth it thou..

It's time to dinner by the seaside with the seafood that my Dad bought earlier, we should be reach earlier but too bad that it's Sunday so everywhere is JAM !! 
Nevermind, late is better than never right ?
As long as we still can enjoy by the seaside...

They are preparing the table and chairs for us.. excited yet hungry... 

Time to take off our shoes and feel the sand.. 

With my big big prawn...

Now dinner is done, time to catch up some nightlife in Pattaya!! 
Thai boxing show and alcohol !! 

Muay Thai is here.. 
Chill out with a bottle of Breezer Bacardi Orange

The Muay Thai guy is here.. *clap clap please *
Another pic of UNGLAM

First time record ever !! We never fail to add on all the bricks without falling
Applause please ~~
*it's my hand here*

Welcome to Night Walking Street of Pattaya 

The most epic picture taken of the night.. 
HAHA I just simply can't stop laughing each time I look at this picture.. too epic wey
The expression of the guy hahaha ! Oh ya, and all the ladies in the picture is "ladyboy"
Sexy type one hor..

Me me and me!! 

Me with the cool Black Masque
It's bigger than my actual face size lo please, can't even fit lo...

Tony Stark's ?? ahaha Iron Man in Pattaya.. 
Well, I wish too.. Can get the chance to meet RDJ.. 

Another buddy from Pattaya walking street 

Lastly, we off to Thai Traditional Full Massage.. 
200 baht only for 60mins massage !! Very cheap + nice environment, too bad my boyfie gets a 'ladyboy' massager HAHAHAHAH !! 
He told me that the 'ladyboy' keep on seduce him by tickling his leg and stare at him.. 

Anyway, enjoy alot in Pattaya although didn't relax by the beach *not willing to get TAN*
and of course, thanks Daddy for spacing out some time to bring us around. 
Appreciate and I will be back to you soon Bangkok and Pattaya!! 
Of course, my daddy as well..hehehe

Stay Tune for more coming up blogpost.. 

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