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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Freelance Photographer & Polaroid Cam

Well...everyone of my friends knew that Im in love with photography line and always be the vain-ness one?? hahaha..and I actually got 6 days off a month which is got nothing good to do besides studying my 'Bio & Chem'..so I decided to search out those vacancies for Part Time Photoprapher for those online blogshop...

I did found one which is the the online blogshop name is MichSara.
Emailed them and Im given a chance to try out on the next coming Sunday which is the 22nd April 2012..

The shootings will be OUTDOOR !! arghhh...freakin me out now..hahaha damn 'gan cheong' sia..
But I guess I will be fine lahh because I actually got an experience for outdoor products shooting but just that Im headaching where to shoots...hahaha Singapore City any nice place to recommend for clothing shooting as in those formal and dress clothing...

So from this job approval onwards,I actually decided to put more effort and time in building up the audience in my Facebook Photography Page..

Here's the link..

Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/joweygraphy

Check out my Portfolio =)

Please like it and share it out! Thanks for your supporting.

For my hourly rates will be :-

Indoor shooting : $ 8- $10 / hour (Studio is not provided)
Outdoor shooting : $12 / hour

If you need any professional hair stylist,I actually got one.
Extra charges may be needed as well.

If you are interested and looking for freelance photographer,can look up for me.
Email me anytime if you need any assistance :

Email : jowey_ii@hotmail.com 
Twitter : @joweykong 
Instagram : @joweykong 
Facebook : Jowey Kong (jowey_ii@hotmail.com) *can inbox me too*

Gonna earn more money to upgrade my lovely DSLR & buy myself a Waterproof Cam & Polaroid Cam!! 


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