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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Hairstylooo

This is all about my brand new hairstyle..hahha MUSHROOOOOM HEAD!!
Well...I loved to changing hairstyle every few months and I have been stucked on my last hairstyle kinda long because I'm tooooo busy to thinking a new hairstyle as all hairstyle are very common already...

Hahaha!! Now I just got a new idea on changing my head into a totally mushroom head..hahaha!! 

Guess what when I asked my mum that..

Me : Miii~~ guess what hairstyle I'm having right now??
Mum : Like last time the hairstyle before you go to Singapore want?? 
Me : NO LAAA~~ Long time d..outdated liao..now Im having 'Mushroom Head' like the Hong Kong drama 'Ah Wong's ' want..
Mum : OMG!! Why you cut that hairstyle?? look so nerd ~~

LOL..!! Compliment from my mum about my hairstyle..but she actually like to see me in short hair rather than long hair..*I know she always envy on my hairstyel* hahaha LMAO!! *perasan-niiaaaa*

Anyway...it's time to show you guys my new hairstyle!!
I actually LOVE it very much!! Especially when style it up with perming,blow or waxing!! TOTALLY NICE!! & Easy to style also!!
Thanks to my boyfie (hairstylist)!!
hahahahhahaa FOC mia..

Picture taken right after the hair cut is done...*without make up's on*

Which Colour Nicer?? black & White or Retrolyte Colour??

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