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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Study Life starts Again

After 2 years of break..decided to take up O level Biology & Chemistry in Singapore again as I've mention about this before..

Now restarting my lag-brain again hahhaa..Kinda slow to absorbs everything but still so far so good la..
Stress?? Kinda lil bit lah..but still okay..can take it!!

Because I just started my Biology..but when it comes to Chemistry I think gone case d lahh..hahaha
As based on my last results..my Chemistry is the worst among pure scinec subs and Add Maths..
But nevermind..I got confidence in this exam so Imma going to get B and above for these 2 subs!!

Gambateh!! gotta drink more 'Brands Chicken Essence' already...

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