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Monday, April 2, 2012

Ipoh time!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally Im officially to travel around in Ipoh for 3 days time and Im going to meet my mum,grandma and my bro as well!!

Gonna have fun I guess...& guess what??? Im going to meet my dog also!!!
I MISS PILLLLLLLYYY freaking much!!!
Let's count that how long I didnt see him.. I think its around 4 months!!!

Hmmmm....All the things that I was exciting over for now is MALAYSIA FOOOOOOD!!! I was fucking craving for it for like so badly lehh~~

Dim Sum!!
Chicken Rice!!
Salted Chicken!
Tutti Frutti!
Lai Fen!! Which is my very firwst time to go try it!! *still curious if its really as nice as they said??*
& Lots more!!!

Aiyaaa....Nevermind la as long as they are Malaysia FOOD will do! hahaha
Well I'm PURE MALAYSIAN lehhh of course I will support MALAYSIA!!

More Updates & pictures to come when I came back from Ipoh!!
Stay Tune & Oh Yeah!! Happy April Fool to everybody out there..
Go freak out or fool out someone and look at the funny rection that they give it to you!! hahahaha
Gonna laughed die yourself...LOL!!

ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

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