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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Edition of RAGE FACES STORY !

This is my very own version of lame RAGE FACES story..
Well,the story is thought by my boyfie and the graphics and dialogues on the pictures is fully created and produced by me!! I guess it only spent me a half an hour time to make it.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it! It's kind a LAME story lah..but when you think back of it, actually it's quite true..
It's like in the end, you answer YES also DIE and answer NO also DIE!! That's it!


So how is it?? Is it LAME? Funny? or there's any other opinion?
Just simply leave me a comment below!!

Between, I guess gonna see this in FB soon and if you realize it that on top of the picture there was written down 'By:JoweyKong'...haha!! LOL

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