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Monday, August 6, 2012


Have I told you guys that I've got SPOTTED by My Fat Pocket at somewhere around Mandarin Gallery during the day i went for my Bday Celebration Part 2? I guess NO right!!

Well, yeah! I got SPOTTED on that day while Im coming down all the way from the Mandarin Gallery's outdoor escalator. I stopped down to eat my Best Fries Forever, and I saw a pretty girl wearing a maxi come towards us, I thought she's going to pass by but she came to my front and trying to approached me.

Pretty girl : Hi, can I take a picture of your outfit as I am from My Fat Pocket Fashion Spotting
Me : You mean me??! *pointing at myself with a vry blurred situation* (LOL I knw Im a bit slow)
Pretty girl : Yeap, can I?
Me : Oh okayy..*passing my yummy Best Fries Forever to the boyfie*
Pretty Girl : Okayy.. *smile*
Me : Should I pass my clutch for him (boyfie) to hold for me ? *confusing*
Pretty girl : No No No!! Its alright, I want you to hold along your clutch as the main accesories of your outfit.
Me : Oh okayy...slowly handling my clutch ....err then should I smile or anything in the picture.
Pretty Girl : Yes Yes!! you need to smile
Me : Oh okayyy...

......1...2.....and 3... *chik chack* Snapped..
including the closer view of my Alexander McQueen inspired clutch.. which I have shown it on my last post =) Freaking love my that clutch *Big Big LOVE*

So before we leave the spotting place, the pretty gave me a piece of MyFatPocket namecard

With this piece of card only I knw I can look mfor my spotted picture in the website..LOL

So now I am going to SHOW OFF abit ..hahhaha

tadahhhhh***....find it in the MyFatPocket after a week.

 The way I smile in front of the camera look so STIFF right?? It is because theres too many walk pass by and this make me fucking nervous..LOL

Here's the comment they leaved in the website
*can see it when u scroll all the way down to the end page*
hahhaha i knw I sound funny in replying the comment but Im so excited to see myself on the website as this is the first time in my life and in Singapore.
On the other hand, I just wanted to invite them to read my bloggie..hahahha
*sounds like I am finding the right time and right way LOLs*


Well, I have finished my SPOTTED issue so now I am going to talk abit about the Badminton Game of Datuk Lee Chong Wei and the Lin Dan *Zero Egg* from China.

As I knw I will support my own countries athelic which is Datuk Lee Chong Wei and he's actually came from Penang too. So BIG SUPPORT la of course.
He always did well in his competition and he has a NEVER GIVE UP SPIRIT all the time.
He will also put all of his effort just for Badminton and as I knw that he has been through a tough training session for 4 years (nope its only 2 weeks before the Olympic match) because he got injured and this causes he has to take up several painkillers to continue in every match.
Can you really see how strong his spirit is and the effort he put is beyond too much than we expected.
Well, I am not sure that why people keep insulting or judge about him right away he lose the game while he did not, he still did to the second place and was able to make our country's flag into the map of Olympic's chart.
Its like this makes me thinks of how fast a people can be changed.
And also I really dont get why people keeps thinking about the FREE ice cream or Public Holiday.
This really shows how reality a person's mind.
Well I got no offence at all but sometimes before you are trying to insulting someone,
please look at yourself through a mirror first. If you are qualified,then I dont fucking care how you insult someone, but if you are worst than the people you are trying to insult, please lah, dont wasted your energy or time to insult or judge people.
If you are really so clever enough, why not you try to be him?
Or why not you go make yourself take part to compete in Olympic?
Instead of wasting your time on keep insulting or judging  for nothing!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei even tweeted 'Im sorry' for not winning back the gold medal of Olympic, don't you think he is the one who got attacks the most?
He needs to represent Malaysia and everyone is putting their hope including the Ministry of Malaysia on him.
he need to manage his own skill while on the game stage and on the other hand he is carrying tons of tension and stress with him during the game.
He can't make to win the game, do you think he want this ending to be?
For those people who watch the show, they really can see how strong his spirit is in the game, he dont even giving up even its the last shot of the game, he is still trying his very best.

But somehow, he failed and he lose..
And the ended up, he straightly breakdown right in front of the stage because he really felt guilty and felt sorry because he can't make it to win back the Gold Medal.

Whatever it is, Datuk Lee Chong Wei will still be the best in Malaysia and he's alry a hero to us.
He had won lots of games represents Malaysia as he wanted to prove to other countries that Malaysis isn't that weak anyway.
And thanks to Namewee for singing this song to him
*salute to DLCW and big thanks to Namewee*

Thats all for today's post..
More to come by this week.. its all about DIY stuff

Stay Tune!!

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Thanks readers! heh!

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