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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Evidence Lashionista by Maybelline New York


Tadahh~~ I got the ticket pass to join in the event! 
Well its my pleasure to join in such an Lashionista event for my first ever time in Singapore and gotta treasure it in my memories..haha

Okay so first of all I am going to tell you guys that how do I get the ticket pass..
Its actually I got it from my boyfie who is one of the hair stylist in Chapter 2 Marina Square.
and this is the only way that I stand the chance to join the event!!

I am going to do adver abit for him hahaha..
Well,his name is 

XAVIER NG, Stylist in Chapter 2 Marina Square

Remember to look for him when you are about to go for a haircut or just anything to do on your hair!! 
And as you can see, every hairstyle and hair colour of mine is fully done by my boyfie
and all I can say, he is becoming my hairstylist of my very own because I can declare myself a TYPICAL LADY when it comes to hairstyle. 

SO YEAHH!! He passed!! So I decided to let him do my hair at anytime as long as he feels want or I feel wanted to..hahaha

SO yeah, you can just drop by to look for him to had a new hairstyle today!! 

SO this is the ticket pass for the event show 
Look!! Its so high-kalao (hokkien) right??!
The envelope used to fill in the ticket is kind of mid-hard cover with totally metallic colour which you can use it as a mirror (but not very clear)
and the ticket pass looks like a lashes packaging
and the other tag is made up by a piece of matt laminated paper 

the front page of the ticket 
(I am so sorry if the picture looks blur)

The back page of the ticket pass 
and below will be the list of the sponsorship 
*spot CHAPTER 2 and REDKEN*

and here's the tag
and can you spotted that there's a phrase written down there that we can stand a chance to meet
 Michelle Chong (Golden Tan) and celebrity blogger XIAXUE at the LIVE scene!!
When i saw it I was like OMFG!!
Finally I can see Xiaxue in reality because I always wish that I can met her coincidently when I went for shopping or any place. 
AND NOW!! I can get to see her!! 
Freak excited and wishing to had a picture with her...but...

I spotted her when I am on the queue..
I should have take the picture of her with my iPhone rather than my DSLR because I didnt set it earlier
*blame myself*
ANyway, this picture can't really see her but I have tried my very best to sharpen it and this is the clearest picture among the rest. 
I was thinking to ask her for a picture but there's too crowd and end up, I can't get to take a picture with her. 

Seriously, I AM SO SAD sia...

In reality, she looks tiny and cute..
and of course, she looks gorgeous and fantastic with her PINK HAIR
and she looks BEAUTIFUL too!! especially when she smile!!

Dend Deng Deng Deeeeeng**
Finally we are in the ZOUK Club of Singapore 
and look at the lightning just right above me..
so classical right..

OH YA!! Do you guys knw that the 'Hands Up' song sang by 2PM..
The MV is actually filmed in this club...

AWWWWWsommmmme right??
*spelled wrongly, actually I purposely did that*

This is the STAGE of the Lashionista show
*the lightning of the camera haven't fully set up yet*

A super COOL Backdrop I've ever seen!!  

A random selca of myself!! LOL

My boyfie and I.. 
LOk at him!! I am in BLACK, he supposed to be in black too right..
but he goes everything in BLUE!!

Only two picture taken in the club hehehe

Here's the main host of the event of Lashionista.. 
I can't really remember her name but I just knew that she's a DJ from one of the radio station.

AND NOW!! I am not going to crap too much here but let the pictures speak it!! 

There you go!!

Now here's MICHELLE CHONG (one of the star from Mediacorp)
and she has her own website to do all of the make up tutorial video

Well, I can say the way she host is awesome and she really can make the crowd go 'WoW'
incredible right??
Yeah!! and the way she host and talk is really fun,funny and yet make sense!

and here it comes to the Top Makeup Artist Mr.Larry Yeo

 On the spot MAKEUP demostration with the main cosmectics product of the event which is 

1. Hyperliner by Maybelline
2. Dry & Wet Eye Shadow by Maybelline 
3. Lash Revolution Mascar in Neon Pink packaging by Maybelline *coming out on SEPTEMBER 2012*

Here comes the Bboying Performance before the next Catwalk coming out..
When they show up is kind of freak me out as I am just standing right near to the stage and they suddenly pop out and jump up to the stage!!
but they performace are COOL!!

The next with different outfit and make up 

 aww..I love this MODEL so much because she had a pair of smiley eyes when she smile!!
She really looks so charming!! 

MUSCULAR GUY..teh deeeeennnng~~

I freaking in love with her fucking awesome and cool style!!
She rocks the stage with her outstanding hairstyle (kinda hit for recent fashion) 
and and and awww....dont knw how to mention it alry!!
All I can that she's AWESOME one!! 

Now its time for the GIVEAWAY!! 

I have 3 types of vouchers with me right now.
2 vouchers from each blogshop will be given out 
a 2 pieces of Chapter 2 voucher will be given out (Redken product)

Wanna get this ??
Just follow the simple way below here.

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Step 2 : 

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Vouchers will be given out for the first 6 peoples who tweets me. 
Will be tweeting you back if you won the vouchers (to ask for you details)
Limited 6 vouchers only,so grab it fast!! (First Tweeted First Served basis)

Giveaway will be closed by 15th of August 2012 as the expired of the vouchers will be on the 29th and 31st of August 2012.

GOOD LUCK readers!!


Now here's our own full shot of our outfit for the Evidence Lashionista Event!! 
Rate it!! or you may Comment it or LIKE it (below of the entire post)
Check This out!!

Outfit of the Day will be ..

Singlet Tee-Top from NewLook
Matt Leather Legging from Bershka
Maroon-White Oxford Brogue from Vincci
Black Leather Clutch by (inspired Alexandre Mcqueen)
Chain Necklace with Black Long-Diamond shaped Beads from Cineleisure 
Black Leather Studded Bracelet from Fourskin
Gold Plated Ring from H&M
Black Beads Bracelet from TaoBao
Hair-do from Chapter 2 (Stylist : Xavier Ng)

and and and a LAST SELCA of myself
Challenge myself for how much of Soya Bean water that I can SUCK IN my mouth!! 
See the result by the picture!!
Should I declare myself a WATER TANK QUEEN?? hahha
Just joking~~

I really enjoy myself for the events and I hope to go for more kinds of events by various brands and products!!
Looking forward for it...

End of Post!!

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[[candy`]] said...

I like your hairstyle! ;)

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

Hi Candy, Thank you so much =)
Done by my boyfie and he's a stylist from Chapter 2,Marina Square (Xavier Ng)..
You can stand a chance to win the GiveAway Vouchers too =)
Simply read the steps to win

♔ Intuition ♫ MagicDrag ♔ said...

Too bad u didn't get to take pic with Xiaxue :/ love ur outfits :3

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

yeah lo!! kind of sad =(..
thanks girl !!!