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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too much old singlet or tank top? Let's DIY it !!

Well,honestly I can say that my wardrobe is actually full of old tank tops and singlet, so I am still figuring what can I do to it as I wont be dumping it away because it is too wasted. So yeah! This came across my mind while I am arranging my wardrobe, I should DIY it since I got bored with the old pattern.

So now I am going to share a Tutorial on DIY your old clothes into a new trendy outfit and hit to the streets today!!

If I am not mistaken, I have actually said that I will be doing a tutorial on these so are you guys ready yet??



Aite!! Let's move on and cut the crapssss..hahaha
DIY your old clothes!
Step 1 : Find out your old clothes as in singlet,tee shirt,tank top or any top from your full wardrobe please..
Step 2 : Think of what you are going to DIY it on your old clothes
e.g : Dip Dye , Bleach it, Paint it, Cut it or whatever you wanna do to it as long as you really can make it.haha
P/s : So for me, I would like to choose to cut my old singlet that I bought from New Look. Well, I am a kind of person who loves unique and dark style so I chose to cut my old singlet into a RIBCAGE ! Cool right??!
Step 3 : Prepare the equipment that you need for your DIY job!
(e.g : scissors,ruler,pencil or whatever that you need)

Step 4 :
Simply drop down or trace down the shape that you wanna cut
you can make some point/mark or pattern before you do it.

Pattern of the Front
Pattern of the Back
P/s : Sorry for the bad traces because i done it by free hand and with a mouse (hard to control LOL)
and the line of the drawing is just extimated only. I adjust it accurately while I cutting it..especially the behind one.
I flip it into 2 while cutting the back one. (clever *tsk tsk*)
Hope you get what I mean!!
Step 5 : Just Cut it #LikeALouSai #LikeABoss !!
I tried to make the video while I cutting but I failed to do so, because I got no cameraman help me to film it. Then I thought I use the tripod will be helpful though but somehow, I too focused on my cutting and sit how I wan and my hand wasn't facing to the camera to show how I cut it because I totally forget about the camera is actually filming me cutting the clothes.
So I am so sorry about my silly mistakes hahaha!! Well, you may drop a comment on asking me any question if you have any.
Step 6 : Look at the floor RIGHT NOW!! And all you need is clean up the mess LOL
Step 7 : Think about how you wanna match with it to a perfect ourfit!!
I match it with a black plain singlet inside.
A closer view of the cutting part
Step 8 : Gotta bring it to wash. REMEMBER clothes must be HAND WASH!!
Step 9 : Wear it out TODAY and snap a picture of your own DIY clothes!!
LIKE me *look down*
The Front Part *you can see the changes of the clothes after washed it*
Now you don't have to worry of too many old clothes and needa spend money again to buy new outfit.
Be ECO!! hahaha so yeah!! Try it today!!
Hope you guys like this DIY TUTORIAL.
Promise more to come!!
Stay tune!!
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