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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proud to be Penang Kia ^.^

 HI readers !! Its been weeks I didn't update my bloggie..*too busy* I am so sorry and so with the sense of my own guilt so now I am back to new post again! LOL

Hmm..that's right !! I am going to talk about Penang again ! So I just went back to half of my hometown and seriously I am so proud to say that I am a Penang Kia (Resident of Penang) *incase you don't knw what meaning I am saying with hokkien dialect*

Why am I so in love with PENANG ISLAND ??! hahahaha If you have the chance, maybe you can have a trip down to Penang then you will knw why I am so in love with Penang Island !! hahahha

1. Yummy Food is the first reason !! slurpppsss** i am so hungry now..missing Penang food right now!!
- Char Koey Teow, Assam Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Hokkien Mee, Rojak, Ais Kacang, Chendol and etc etc..

2. Places with full of Heritage and Traditional feels.. arghh so VINTAGE !
3. Loads of Night Markets !! Cheap things hahahhaha
4. Beach !! Yay sands!!
5. Friendly residence hahaha
6. Lovely Island hahaha

Alright alright.. to know more, just get a trip down to Penang then you will know what i am talking about..

So back to topis please !! *oops sorry that I am so away from my main point*

Yeah, so I went back to visit my families and friends as well and there is so coincidently that one of my babe, Sylvia is having her Birthday Blast Party in Soju Underground Club (New opening at Penang Times Square).

Well, I heard from my friends said that supposingly it is a club under Zouk but somehow, it had be taken by Soju and it's the FIRST UNDERGROUND CLUB in PENANG ! And of course, only 21 years old and above can step in and I am 19 !! (because with the helps from my friends and the bouncer only I can be able to get in) *tsk tsk so hao lian~~* LOL jokinnnng~~

Now, the first venue that I step in once I reached penang will be 1st Avenue Mall (next to Prangin Mall) to meet a few of my classmates, well supposingly is our classmates gathering but because when I went back to my hometown is Hari raya, so a few of them can't make it so just left a few of us.. So sad right? Nevermind ba...next round ?

So I've met Shirly *my buddy all the time* , Moka *crazy pranking partner all the time* , Sabrina *the blur girl*, Miss Fat *The noisy one*, Niro *The tiny girl* and Swee Si *the K-Pop lover*.

Miss Fat , Me , Swee Si and Shirly

Up (From Left to Right) : Sabrina , Niro , Moka
Down (From Left to Right) : Miss Fat, Me, Shirly

Miss Fat, Me, Shirly

Miss Fat and Me

Up (From Left to Right) : Sabrina, Niro and Moka
Down (Frm Left to Right) : Miss Fat, Me and Moka

Moka and Me

Moka and Me

Niro and Me

Sabrina and Me

Shirly and Me

Swee Si and Me
Moka and Me *Epic* The prankster LOL

Moka and Me *I dont knw what's with the RM50 notes*
and oh no!! Look at my hand is so fat *sad*
End of story for the small gathering of me and my dear classmates..
Well I really had a good time with them eversince all of us graduated till now.
Although some of us less contact, but when we meet up..its like everything back to normal like how we used to communicate like how we did when in our school times..
Maybe this is so called REAL FRIENDS..
To be sincere, I really had a good time with them while our 5 years schooling time in sec school till now.
I will never forget all those crazy thoughts we did before when we are those young kids.. hahha
Pranking people all around the school, running out from the back door of our class just to buy food in canteen while the class is going on, used to play with teachers and telling lies when we cant be able to hand in our homework on the time, and SLEEP in the CLASS, copying homework and assignments hahahha well and alot more.. Seriously, I will never forget this ever!
You guys are really awesome and true to me..
*showing my sincerity aiks*
You guys are GREAT..LOVE YOU GIRLS !!
Next !! Is our pretty sexy babe, Sylvia's Birthday Bash Party celebrating in Soju Room
I am pretty excited because it's been a long time I didn't go for clubbing with all of them and I guess there will be 20 or 20+ of us going to be there!!
So fun MAN !! and how can I miss it right??!
At first we thought of going to 69 Mansion to had a Bikini Birthday Bash Party as 69 Mansion is a poolside Pub and Club located in Batu Ferringhi..but too bad that the night is raining quite heavy so we can't make it for outdoor parties so we decided to celebrate in Soju Room as I am quite curios to check out the new underground club in Penang.
And guess what !? WHile we are counting peoples and decide how many liquor that we are going to open, I saw one of my ex collague who named May !!
I was like going crazy when I see her because I didn't met her in ages and she is now so happy with her new family which means, she just got a new born baby and a good hubby ! So yeah, I can see that she is so happiness now..
Well, I didn't expect to met her in the club though.. so yeah..I am quite surprise.
Okayy..actually nothing to talk much but I will just show you the pictures while we taken during the night alright ??

Like this picture!! Got candid by don't knw who..I got no idea..
But can you see the shadow of my *MUSHROOM HEAD*
Spot it!! 

Outifit of te Club night. Looks so normal is because I thought of we are going place by the beach so that's why I am wearing super casual with a bikini inside..
Luckily, I am with heels so won't that awkward la..
Outfit of the Night :
1. Topshop Inspired Chiffon Singlet from Friend's Shop (Dazzling TaipeiCity)
2. Bikini from Korea Brand
3. Handcuffs necklace from Random Kiosk (only $5.00 bucks!!)
4. Denim Shorts *DIY*
5. Heels from Schu
6. Black Touch-Screen from Swatch  
Heyyy~~~ Sexy Lady..
Oop oop Oop Oppa Sylvia Style !!
Sexy baby and yeah she's the birthday girl of the night!!
Look st us!! the Potato team is BACK !

I love this so much yeehee!!

This is my beloved picture of the night..
And I also put it as my facebook Profile Picture and one of my friend commented that my hairstyle is so "lapu" (Penang ppl only knw and it's in Hokkien)
Well, I didn't knw how to explain the meaning of it.. but is kind of like daring sia..
My baby boy look so cute in this picture with my girlfriend, Girl.

Cyrus and Me (Baby boy's best buddy)
Well, he came all the way from Ipoh just to join us for the party night

SISTERS..ahhaha *real life siblings*
Girl and Chanice *The Astro Star*
hahaha do you know her?

Girl and Me ...loves XOXO

Matt !! and Me !
hahaha..Well I really didn't see him in ages so yeah I am quite happy to met him during the night.

Win and Me..
Hhahahaha..I totally forget to take picture with her at first as everyone is busying spreading themselves for drink and party..
Took this picture when we are aboutt o leave the club.
She actually be kiddo to me..hahah she so cute..
Keep shouting at me that 'you forget me alry eversince you gone to SG ' *sad face*
hahhaha.. Well, actually Im not okayy!! I always remember everyone of them in Penang!
Somehow I love this picture so much at the first sight, because it gaves me a strong feels that we looks like TWILIGHT VAMPIRE hahahhaa

Back few years, 3 of us having a same side of undercut
Back now, 3 of us again having TONGUE PIERCING hhahaha
Me, Yen and Ed Ed (Edward)

Me, Chanice and Sylvia

Chanice, Yen and Me *Epic moment *

Supposingly, I was standing behind, but both of them keep saying, you already so tiny and you keep hiding behind when snapping pictures, I can't see any point of you hiding behind ..
I was forced to stand infront after that =( so that they say I can look even with them in the picture..
OMG hahahha!!

Me, Yen and Ed Ed

Me, Amanda and Robin
Look at the reaction of Robin pleaseeee!! He look so funny but yet so cuteeee.. LOL..
Well I always call him Dexter Laboratory.. 

Robin, Me and Swing 

Sylvia, Me and Ed

Win's Sis, Me and Yen

Yen, Me and May *My friend that I mentioned just now *

Me Yen and Amanda

Karen *the Model* , Xavier *baby* , Yen and Girl
SPOT their steammmm face please! 

Yen, Sito , Me and Ed

Me, Yen, Ern, Ed and Win
I actually found out that Ed like to *cium* people haha

Groupie picture..
From left : Win's hand, Me, Chanice, Xavier, Yen, Cyrus, *behind unknown face* and May
Last Picture of the night..
The moment I felt FREEEZE
Lovey Dovey..
Hmm.. actually there's still alot of pictures but I just share out a few, wanted to view more crazy pics of us, just add me in Facebook at Jowey Kong
I can just say that it's really a happening night after so long..
I really miss that moment until now.
I am so glad that I can be able to meet all of my friends, BFFs and even some of the friends that I didn't met them for years, and in the same night, I get to met all of them and yet can have fun with them.
Seriously, it was a precious night for me.
Hope to see you guys again soon and I will always remember you guys in my mind, no worries!
Because you guys are GREAT to me always!

Looking forward for you guys to come SG for club weih...PLAN PLEASE!!

The ONE DAY TRIP of Penang..
Well, I have been in penang for so many years and seriously I dont reall travel around in penang unless there's some special occasions or school activities.
So I decided to have a day trip with my boy anf BFFs is because my mum keep nagging me that why don't I bring Xavier to walk around in Penang like visiting nice places and enjoy some nice foods..
And this is why i come out with a day trip plan.
But not really successful though as the weather is fucking hot, and also because of we had a tired night the day before *club night* so all of us is so exhausted during the trip..
haha..so we ended up make a short trip only.
But I don't mind lah..because if I were to bring him visit all the places in Penang, when it comes to the next round we back again, there will be no plan of going anywhere again..
So TAKE IT EASY hahaha
Where we go?
Penang ? Of course HERITAGE STREET lahh..
As nowadays those old street of Penang Island is getting famous and even in FACEBOOK
yeah, that's right... I guess you guys know about the drawings on the walls of the buildings and streets right?
That's right! We went for some shooting at the drawings that actually drawn by a random foreigner *ang moh kia*
But I don't really do much research on the drawing where actually located at.
So we just park by our car and just get down to have a walk around the streets and check out the artwork if there is one. If no means *kia la kia la* hahhaa
Because we are really so tired sia..

So this is the real mailbox of the building along Acheen Street and this picture is taken by me!!
 Pro or not?

Then we pass by a Old Toys Musuem and outside of the store has this postcard stand. But the main point is he is not selling any postcards but selling those old pictures and it's in Black and White.
And the main thing is I don't know who the people are in the picture LOL..
Well I guess is those Famous Malay Celebrities lahh..

And we also found this cute road sign stands right infront of the 14 Living Story souvenir stores.
So cute right?. And oh yea, the road sign all is true wan haha..
It might be just a decorations of the shop but at the same time it helps those foreigners to search for directions.

This is the first wall art we discovered along the don't know what street.
Whatever.. hahaha this wall art is quite famous as its right beside the big road so most of the people can really see it as it is very obvious when we pass by.
Me and Sylvia.
In this picture of scenario is actually that the 2 kids is Sylvia's son and daughter.
The daughter is so tiny and yet she wanted to rides a huge bicyle to fetch his brother along which she can't even reach her toe on the floor.
So now it'w MY TURN.. and I am a passer by, I am so FREAK OUT when I saw a bicycle coming towards me and it's going to BANG me soon!!
So with the nervous of Sylvia, she quickly pull the back of the bicycle to stop everything and LOOK..it's with her worry face hahhaa *facial expression perfect*

This picture is a candid shot by Xavier, is actually Sylvia is helping a guy to snap the group picture so she went across the road to have a better shot for them..
and AT THIS TIME.. the candid moment was SHOT..
Mission accomplish ??

I can't figure out why whenever I look at this picture I will definately laugh at it..hahaha
She pose so funny sia..
I actually shout her to stay behind abit and there's no point of she blocking the arts LOL..
But she can't get what I mean and she continue to block it and with the funny pose which I actually can't get what she's trying to express out..hahhaa

Is it both of us is trying to copy their expression or I am the one who pulling Yen back instead of holding the back of bicycle..
No idea..No comment

LOOK at Yen's facial expression..hahaha almost laughed die me.. *chio si wa*
and can you spot NATALIE ??!

Photobooth Bag Model..

Aiyaa....that girl spoil my picture.. *sien*

I don't why I pose like this hahha so epic..

Do Re Mi Fa So and where is La??
La is the one who capture this picture! haha like students walk in a line..ahaha
Can you spot who is missing and holding the camera ??

I pretty like this picture with the nice background, effects and ME LOL..
Outfit of the Day :
1. Ethnic Skull Knitted Tee by GMarket
2. HighWaisted Denim Shorts from OnlineShop
3. Leopard Printed Socks by New Look
4. 3-Holed Low Boots from Bugis Street
5. Black touch-Screen Watch from Swatch
6. Handcuffs Necklace from Random Kiosk
7. Suspender from FourSKin
8. Black Beads Bracelet from Random Kiosk
9. Ray-Ban Shades

Baby and Me in Amelia Cafe

Amelia Cafe's Menu (made by carton box)
Look I am so tiny and even the menu can cover up me LOL

Drinks from Amelia cafe
Picture taken by Amanda


14 Living Story souvenir store

Stated 'Penang' Magnetic tags and Decorations

Traditional Music Instruments..
It's something similar to Gu Cheng but this instruments is using the button to tune the sound while u streaming the string..kind of complaicated when we look at the uncle playing at it.

Metal Art discovered!

Another Metal Art

WHile the halfway, we saw a pink cooper..
hahaha so all of us like run towards to the car and decided to take a picture with it..
The owner of the car is lookign at us but we 'bo chap' hahhaa

Shot by Yen..
Pretty Lady Sylvia

They lifted up my ash hair and candid me when I was so concentrating in opening my MENTOS.
How dare you Yen Yen !!

Last art wall we get to discovered around that area.
Look it is so 3D feel right?
Now scroll down and you can see a totally of 3D feel of the picture !
Ta dahh~~ hahaha totally 3D right?? The kid so cute LOL..
Exactly the same including the colours of apparels he is wearing during the day.
So sorry to tell that i get to discovered a few of these arts only where actually there's still alot more..
But we just discover around the area only, we didn't really go to far from where our car parked by.
Next trip though..next trip I will make more reasearch and try to find the map on it so that I can search for more of them and share to you readers..

Having lunch in 747 Restaurant with Baby's relatives that stay in Penang.
*ignore my non-makeup face* haha

 Last picture taken with family before I leave Penang again.
Look at my grandma, so cute and chubby hahhaa.. and her smile so sweeet and happy..
Too bad my dog can't be in the airport or else this picture definately got him..
I miss Penang, My Family , My Dog, My BFFs and all of my friendssss!!
See you guys again next trip !

Last but not least,


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