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Monday, September 17, 2012

Glitz and Glamorous Night (Hairshow @ Dance and Dinner Night by Kimage)

Hi, I am back again with a new post of me being an Angel Mummy in Kimage's Dance and Dinner Hairshow Runway... wanna see how it turns out?
Well, I am going to talk about my experience during the rehersal and also the exact day of the event..

First of all, my boyfie is one of the stylist from Chapter 2 Marina Square which is also under Kimage, so at first he was a model of the evnt too but somehow his manager exchange him to another guy from Thai-American mixed, and my boyfie also suggested me to his manager too.
All of them agreed and let me to be the girl model too so I was pretty excited and happy to be given a chance to experience being a model on a Hairshow Runway.

For the hairshow is actually divided into 5 themes and each outlet must choose 2 themes.

1. Bob Haircut (Vidal Sassoon Type)
2. Finger Wave
3. Mohawk
4. Guys Haircut
5. Fantastic Hairstyle

and the outlet I am representing which is Chapter 2 marina Square chose the 1st and the 4th theme, so is actually my current hairstyle also matched the theme as everyone who added me on Facebook will know that I actually got a totally Mushroom Haircut which is consider to Bob Vidal Sassoon Haircut.

And of course, as a model we got no right to chose what hairstyle we want or either colour to dye on our hair because is all controlled and decided by the in-charge stylist, and to be bliss is my stylist of in charging my hairstyle is actually my boyfie, Xavier. hahahaha so that he won't 'TRIPLE L' (Luan Luan Lai)..

So he told me that he gonna dye my hair into YELLOW colour and I was like WOW~~ First time in my life, I dyed a super sharp colour on my head! Well, what to do, is for the sake of the Hairshow and I actually quite exciting over the sharp colour la.. hahahha like so attractive while Im walking on the road (what if people think that I'm siao or sot-plugged) *who cares* hahaha

Well, I am not going to crap so much and now I am releasing the pictures from the first day I dyed into the REAL YELLOW HAIR !! Check this out! I think it will tempt you !!

Tadahh~~ The YELLOW crazy colours is progressing on my Mushroom Head...
Stay Tune!!

The First day I'm with the SUPER YELLOW hair and I'm in the bus heading back home from Bugis..

Feeling random in the house and just to get myself and my yellow hair a bluuuur picture.


And now, here's the pictures of me in a Long Hair Wig because I am trying it on and gonna wear it to work on the next day.. I'm still wondering people in Suntec that used to know me, how do they react when they see me in long wig..hahhaa must be FUNNY and maybe AWKWARD ?
Between, the wig I bought it from TaoBao and the quality isn't that bad !
There's still a main point !!
So before I go for the shooting , I still needa dye a line of ORANGE COLOUR on top of the YELLOW HAIR !! so everything will looks like a TIGER themed colour ! That's why I am a LEO !!
Do I look like those Despicable Me ??! hahahha *act cute TSK TSK*
Oops anyway, can you see there's a line of the darker colour ? Thats the orange colour..
Its CRAZY...I am Crazy and I Know it..

Captured while washing out the dye cream..
Relaxiiiiing only ~~

Some touch-up need to do till it perfect !!

Drying , Drying and Drying..
Final Steps to my Yellowish-Orange Ombre !
*spot my real long eyelash LOL*
FINAL !!!! Nice not ??
Well, I am still proud that there's no one making the short hair Ombre yet and I self declared that I am the first one !!! hahahaha *give me hao lian a second..*
The other day once my hair get done with two colours is the exact day for shooting.. So I'm kind of kan cheong (nervous) now..
We almost stayed in the shop until midnight 2am only we can officially go back until everything get done... and guess what, the other day we have to reach Kimage at Funan DigitalLife Mall at 9 am.
So is like I can be able to sleep for 4-5 hours only.
One word I can say for now.. is really TIRING !!
- 7th of September 2012 -
Photoshooting Day has comeeee....

The admin is busying for the Model Release Form ...

Ka Chak ~~ *sounds familiar? Its from Running Man LOL*
Got candid !!
Woww~` so colourful.. Most of the make-up artist team is from CosmoProf
Preparing make-up look for the photoshooting..

She's one of the model representing Chapter 2 Marina Square too !!
I love her Rainbow hair just so muchhhh ~~
ahhahhahaha Its me !!! hahhahaaha
Wahhh I look so fierce in this picture hahha
Look at my hair's tone !

 Look so tired after my photoshooting..
But I like the Stage Make-Up look so much.. feel so 'sat' haha
Well, I actually wanted to post up the pictures that I shot on that day but I can't get the copy from the Kimage.. so I am still waiting.. so sorry =(
Now, is the exact day !!
11th of September
Is also the same, I have to reach there at 9.30am too, but this time we are late because all of us is tooooo tired..
So we went there for make-up, hair-do and also dress-up the hairshow outfit before we head to the ballroom which is located at Intercontinental Singapore .. 
Outfit of the day with my very BAREFACE
Leopard Printed Tee by Adidas Hong Kong
High-waisted Denim Shorts
Black Simple Wedges from Payless @ only $10 !
Black touch-Screen Watch by Swatch
and of course, matched with my
Yellow-Orangeee Ombre Hair


After dress-up our outfit!!
Dark Angel and Mummy Angel
We both is realllllly cold not cool !! *freezing*

All models and stylist is waiting for the car to fetch us to the venue.
After a while...finally we reached the hotel..
The awakward moment came !!!
The moment I get down from the car, all of the passer by gave us a super weird stare..
and those peoples who are waiting buses at the bus stand across the road even gave us a wave ~~
hahahah WTH..is like we are in advance Halloween Party sia..
SO EPIC man!!
Tadah..here we reached the backstage of the ballroom..

Doing rehersal and guided by Teacher Aaron !!
 Those student's Models sitting and waiting patiently

Still preparing and look at the Finger Wave hairstyle ~~
Preparing for the Fantastic Hairstyle

Rehersal on catwalks...
Before continue, I am going to reveal some of the model pictures..
Mohawk Hairtysle

Finger Wave and Fantastic Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle.. she so cool

One of the model under our Segment.. and she's the winner of the night !! Congrats again Emily ..

A Chinese-Version of Christina Aguilera or Marilyn Monroe ?
What do you think..hmm ??

Her make-up looks like Nicki Minaj

Meet the guy's modelssss...
Pheewww - wit ~~

 Done my paparazzi job while rehersal is going on and also after our segment's rehersal..
and now...
The stomach of us started to drummmmming ~~
I mean our segment's model only..
because all of us didn't even had our breakfast since morning 9.30am...
look..how much we sacrifice LOL.. *joking*
So we decided to get some food in Bugis Junction..
But do you still remember that all of us already dressed up out Hairshow Outfit before we came ?
While I step out from the car, and all of the passer by giving us a weird stares ?
we don't care hahahha.. we decided to go together so it wont be too awkward if you imagine that you were to go alone .. sure people thought that you are insane..
So we get down, and the other 3 of them is holding cigarettes and smoking while we heading to Bugis Junction..
This action is even more funny and guess what the rest of us who don't smoke, standing beside them and wait for them to finish at the smoking area just right beside the main road...OMG !!
The first think I thought of is like all of us loses the game in Running Man and all of us got our punishment to get done in Bugis with dressing up outfits like Halloween Day..
And we even dare to go all the way to basements where most of the crowds will be there..
We even waited our food at Taimei booth okayy.. *incredible us aikss..*
Times fliessss ~~ Its almost 8pm now..
Got visited by boyfie before the show starts at backstage..
Give him a kisss...

This is my look...MUMMMMMMMY ~~

Me and Lydia..We both representing the same outlet..
And during the night I was given a name called 'Xiao Bai' (Small White or Whitey)

Lydia, Mogan (Lydia's Boyfie), Xavier (My Boyfie) and Me

And a picture of myself for Instagram before the show starts..
Glamorous not my make-up ? hahhaa
Well, now I'm getting more and more 'kan cheong' !!
Good Luck to myself..GAMBATEH !! Fighting !
Now the clock slowly strike to 9pm.. and now..


Get ready ?

Everyone is getting more nervous and last touch-up preparation before move out to the stage..!!
HERE WE GO ~~~~~

It's our SEGMENT - Bob Vidal Sassoon

Mohawk Segment

Finger Wave Segment

Guy's Hairstyle Segment

Fantastic Hairstyle Segment

Voting time ... *thump thump*

The show has finally ended..
phewww~~ Well although I am not the winner of the day but my hardwork really paid off..
Worth it because I can gain a lot of experience from this hairshow.
Thanks again for giving an opportunities to be the model !!
Thanks Chapter 2 Marina Square once again !!
Support Them !!
Especially my boyfie, Xavier hahahha
LOL *joking*

The Chapter 2 Marina Square Team !!

Look at the Runway Stage become the CLUB STAGE after the dinner ends..hahhaa
everyone got drunk by drinking wines..hahaha
Party people !!
Well, I can say that its a great night ever although is really tiring..
But I really enjoyed my entire time and also get to know alot of new friends ~~ hehehe
Finally HOME !! And I can have a good night sleep after the hairshow has ended..haha
Already planned to sleep for 12++ hours !!
Challenge Accepted !

 Thanks for reading, readers !!
Its a looooooong post hahaha..
Thats all for today and Good Night *wink*
Last but not least,
Please do follow me on
Instagram : @joweykong


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