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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Malaysia's Government Declares V-Necks = Gay

Well, I'm pretty sure that nowadays there's a big news to those Malaysians which is Malaysia's Ministry of Government is holding a seminars to all over the states in Malaysia to teach teachers and parents how to spot a LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) in school or anywhere.

Before I start this, I would like to tell that this post has no offence at all, but if I do, I apologised.

So, now I am going to show you about the news first..


SO everyone who is wearing a V-necks tee is a GAY now ??
Oh...COME ON ~~
Seriously, what kind of symptoms is that for you GOVERNMENT guys make it as a point to spot a Gay nor Lesbians out there..
Are you guys trying to put on a joke ?
Well, I can say that you guys are really 'funny' because it doens't really make any sense at all !!  


And now they come out with the symptoms like wearing light-coloured outfit or taking a big handbag is also consider as a GAY.. and again I can say is super 'funny' for now..
Oh ya ~ they said that those gays wearing V-necks is in order to show their muscular body feature to attract another guys.. HAHHAHHAHAHA *Laugh my Freaking ASS OFF*

If the government peoples' think that these are the main symptoms of spotting a gay, then they must be crazy or they are havign a very low IQ perhaps... Now let me show you something..

So, this guy is wearing a V-Neck Tees while taking a pictures with his family members,
is HE ALSO A GAY ??? or Bisexual ??

Next , one of the Model is wearing a DEEP V Top while his Runway Show..
GOSH he is with a DEEP V now !! Is he also a GAY ??
David Beckham is wearing a V-neck tee while he is carrying HIS BABY

And with this picture, I am very sure that all of you should know him ?
David Beckham used to be a very FAMOUS FOOTBALL PLAYER from England.
Now, he is wearing a white shirts with only button up ONE..
Is he trying to show his muscular body to attract the other guy ?

ARe they also GAY ??

ahhhh ~~ this guy with soooooo many handbags, is this also consider that he definately is a GAY ?

Now the last picture, I am sure that all of you should know who they are if you are in K-Pop.
That's right...They are BIG BANG..
They used to wear very colourful outfits while they are on show, concert, live show, MV, advertorials, photoshooting and lots more..
They even wear those fancy colours outfit, neon colour outfits, light colour outfits, accesories all over the body and make-ups on..
The reason of me, showing all of the pictures related to the symptoms that the government said, is that I am trying to telling you guys that DON'T EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER..
Nothing you can just spotted by just an appearance only.
Fashion now is getting stylish and you can't judge just only that they are wearing those girlish thing.
HELLO !! 21st centuries is coming, can't you all think more OPEN or WIDER instead of still thinking those narrow minded thinking ?
You know why that Malaysia until now is not even a best ranking country ? Is because you guys is always too concern on you own culture and DEAD RULES..
You guys really should think something FRESH and NEW !!
You know why Singapore is even better now ?
They don't even simply judge people nor protest even LADY GAGA is coming to SINGAPORE for her world tour concert.

But do you guys ever thinks that what the SHIT things you guys did when ADAM LAMBERT came to Kuala Lumpur to had his concert back to two years ago ?

Okay, so now you GOVERNMENT who approves him to come for concert..
He had also signed the contract with more Terms and Conditions in the contect of the contract compared to other countries, well in order to make his fans happy, he might as well just sign it so that he can meet his Malaysia Fans by not letting them down or dissapointed.
Adam also promised that won't do those illegal actions while the show..
But ended up, LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE to him ??
Protest on the exact day and on the exact time of his show ?
You guys don't even has the trustworthy..

Whats the point you GOVERNMENT approved him at first ?
If you people will think of PROTEST, then just done fucking approve him to come..
Don't waste his time to drop by..
The main reason is you PEOPLE approve him is because you PEOPLE wanted to earn the money..
You PEOPLE protest while on the exact time of the show and this makes all the crews can't even set up for his concert show, and also causes those fans have to waited for more than an hour outside of the stadium..
Seriously, I really don't get what you guys actually thinking...
You did it, you are very happy with the satisfaction of it, but do you ever know that this is the MOST SHAMEFUL things you guys did it to an international artist ?
Seriously, Imma gonna SPLIT ON YOU guys..
You guys don't even deserve a percentage of respects !
Now, to the lesbians part..
The symptoms they said to spot a lesbian is they used to mingle around with girls and used to have their lunch or dinner time with girls and even stay over a girls house..
And also some of the girls may anti some of the other group of girls that is much more attractive...
So those American's Girls Night Out all is a lesbian ?

So they are all lesbian too ??
Think about it !
I totally disagree with those symptoms to spot them wether they are gay or lesbian..
Because isn't make any sense of it.
And don't forget that, everyone has its own right to choose for what they want..
You got no right to control their life.
So we are born to live with a happy life, so just go ahead do things that can make you happy..
Live for yourself, not others !
That's all for today and once again there's NO ANY OFFENCE,
but if I do,
I sincerely apologised.
Before I end it,
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More and more crazy edi ><

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

yeah true..they are making things without any senses anymore.. sighs ..what an embarassment seriously