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Friday, September 21, 2012

RWG Winter Holiday

Today I'm going to blog about Winter Holiday as mention on the title above
Yeah !! That's right, changes of a new season in another 10+ days time from now, and here it comes to WINTER season again !

So when everyone is thinkign about WINTER, definately they will think of SNOW as well.


Well I personally loves snow very much but I am a person who quite afraid of cold sometimes, but still my dreams is to celebrate Christmas in a country like America, or Korea with whitey snow falling from the sky. Then I can enjoy my sweet time by playing the snow around like making snowman or making BIG snowballs to throw someone around me under the falling snow environment.. wahhhh sounds so GREAT man !!

Hopefully my dreams come true someday =)

Hahaha, I still remember back then my mum told me that she will go for a trip to China with her friends when I was in Primary 5. The time when she go for a trip is a cold season in Chine.
So the other day, I followed her to some travel agency to process the Visa to China and guess what, while on the way to the travel agency, I actually keep persuading my mum to bring me go along too but I failed because my mum say she got not enough money to pay for mine so I can't go.

Ended up, I actually angried my mum for nearly 2 weeks plus and ignoring her whenever she tries to talks to me, hahahhaa and I also treated her like invisible because I hated her so much for not bringing me go along the trip.
Well what to do..that's a KIDS time !!

Even worse is when my mum came back from the trip and she tries to share iwth me the picture that she took in China. Then I also have alook at the pictures lah...but when I flip the pictures which she took it under the snow on the mountain, I actually teared out !!! And that time, I straight throw aside all of the pictures and run in to my bedroom and cry by myself.... hahahhaha.. now I think back of it, I felt myself so SILLY hahaha..

But this really shows that I love SNOW so much eversince I am just a kid. Errr...no !! Is the day I know that snow exist in this world.

So, too bad !! Malaysia doesn't have any winter season but only has a hot and rainy days season only. So to be naive, I always treated rainy days like snowing day. LOL
Fortunately, there's a famous theme park which everyone in Malaysia knows it eventhough is just a 3 year old kid because Genting World Theme Park can be consider as the largest theme park in Malaysia.

So Genting World Theme Park of course is the favourite place for those teenagers who wanted to go for a trip with their bestie, youngster who wanted to relax and relief stress, and also can be known as a COUPLE DATING PLACE. Why I said so ? It is because most of the teenagers couple would spend their first trip in Genting, well I can sure of it is because my cousin went to Genting Highland with all of his girlfriends as their first dating trips hahaha !

This is the entire view of Genting Highland.

You can reach there by taking bus, van , car, or cable car at the halfway there..
There's various way for you to get there and if you are taking bus from Kuala Lumpur Sentral, I think the bus fares for one way will only cost you at RM10 only. SO CHEAP !!

A few years ago, Genting Highland is getting more and more upgrades on their theme park, so for now they actually have more games like Snow World, Flying Coaster, Rock Climbing, SKy Venture, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Haunted Adventure and more...

The Entrance of the Snow World.

Entire view of the Snow World.
I have been there before so is exactly the same with the pictures.
Guess why am I putting the ice-cream picture here !!
It is because they actually giving away sticks of ice-cream for people in the snowworld.
Do you guys know that eating ice-cream under the cold environment, will warm you?
For those who afraid of cold, actually you can drop by to experience the snow world too,
because before you enter the snow world, there's hundreds pieces of winter coat and hundreds pairs of gloves are prepared so you can help yourself with it but of course makesure you return it after you came out from the Snow World.
Besides, there is also a locker there if I am not mistaken so that you can keep your belongings in it.
Hmmm...for the outfit for the winter season??
Well well well..see what I've got for it ??
*After flipping all of my clothes in my wardrobes...messy*
The RED one ?
Winter Outfit :
Maroon Knitted Wool Top by New Look
Leather Matt Legging by Bershka (all time favourite)
Dr Martens Boots

2nd choice of my Winter Outfit :
Cotton Wool Skull-Stud Top by H&M
Leather Matt Legging by Bershka
Dr Martens Boots
Well, these are the attire that I'm going to wear it to the Snow World if I am the lucky one who got shortlisted ?
hehehe!! PRAY HARD !! 
Besides, there is more games you need to try out when you are in Genting Highland Theme Park.

A newly build, Flying Coaster..
I tried it too..I can say is FUCKING AWESOME !

Space Shot...is really driving you crazy !!
You gonna get a 10 seconds view from 185 feet high..
and the speed is 68km/hour
Try it if you love extreme !
Notes : Minimum admission of 137cm height.
Ride this if you are a roller coaster ride lover
I bet you would like this if you like F1 ..
Try it and imagine yourself as a Michael Schumacher !! hahaha

Try out this also !!
Sky Venture
You will experience yourself living in a space like there's no gravity.

Challenge it if you are strong !
Rock Climbing

Get in if you DARE !
Spend a horrific time in the haunted house ..

Malaysia First Ripley's Believe It or Not !
Get in and take a look !
For those who are over 21 years old !!
Casino is the best place for you to spare times !!

There's also night life entertainment like Safari Disco Club

but of course, the price of liqour gonna freak you out or killing you !! hahaha
But still nice place to enjoy during the night time..
Besides that, Genting Highland has a big arena where those celebrities love to held their concert show or those grand awards event  at here, it can also be consider the largest arena in Malaysia.
Welcome to our ARENA OF STAR

Next will be the hotels in Genting Highland..
There is various hotels on the highland, but the most famous one will be the Genting World Hotel and Resort and the First World Hotel.

Now is time for the FOOD TIPS !!
As I said, cup noodles will be the best recommendation for you guys because the feeling is really nice when you had a hot cup noodles to feel your empty stomach under the cold weather.
You may have you meals in the restaurants there but watch out your pocket !
Because the food at there is selling at a very high price, which is the double price of the exact price out there.
Snack will be okayy..
But each time I go there, I would definately buy myself a COTTON CANDY !!

That's is all for today.
Genting Highland is really a nice place to go for a short trip although it is not as high end as those well-known theme park but it was a memorable place for me since my childhood.
Hope I can be the lucky one to be shortlisted to join the trip with NUFFNANG !!

Plan a trip in Genting Highland today !
For more info, kindly go to RWG's website www.rwgenting.com to book your winter holiday through RWG’s iHoliday booking engine now!
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Thank you for spending your time reading this.
Love you Readers !!

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