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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3rd Nuffnang Evangelist 2D1N Genting Trip Part 1

Another long post of me got a sponsored trip by Nuffnang. The trip is a 2D1N Genting Trip, and yeah is a very short trip and actually I can't get enough of it besides rushing on the whole journey,I really miss those bloggers who are going to this trip too.

The other day, I was just awake from noon nap and I saw a missed call, and I thought it was a call from don't know what company but for my curiousity, I actually went to GOOGLE the number and it shows NUFFNANG !! I was stunned at the screen for a moment and I quickly call back to them.
After hearing the good news of I am shorlisted to joing the 3rd Nuffnang evangelist Trip, I was like so happy and felt so unbelievable because I am not a G+ member and I actually got shortlisted by posting up the post about RWG *last few post of mine if you've noticed*

So here's the email I received after hung up the call with Nuffnang.

So after receiving the mail, I also applied leave for the trip as its just only less than 4 days.
I got approved for my leave application and so now I am going to start packing my luggage because I'm working for full shift for the few days before I go to the Nuffnang trip, so I needa pack it quick !!

Also not to forget, I applied mask before the trip so that my skin won't be looking so dull and tired.
Captured a picture of me-self doing mask! heh!! So chubby ^.^

The night before..
Received a message from Nuffnang again and it says that we have to reach Golden Mile Complex by 6am!! IT'S 6am man !! So I actually sleeps at 1.45am and I woke up again at 5am. The shortest hours I have slept in my life !! Oh yea, the person in charge of the trip is Jayne and Gabby from Nuffnang.they are so good =)
When the name has been ticked by Jayne , now we can board our bus!! heh!! So excited !!
My sit number is 2A !! Which is the second row of the bus.
The reason I sit so front is because I don't knw even one of the bloggers, so if I were to sit behind without knowing anyone,it will be ended up so awkward, so I sat infront.
But the moment I sit down, I've noticed that Jayne didn't tell us the bus number and I was like
*how how how, am I sitting other people's sit*
Then I see everyone is like sitting #likealou sai #likeaboss so I also 'bo chap'...hehhehehe
First we need to pass 2 customs gate before the journey, and the first girl who talked to me is Jasmine I guess.. hehe
She said that I'm so young but actually she is older than me 1 year nia..
*oops sorry Jasmine,but don't worry I didn't reveal you age*
*showing innocent face*
An hour later, we reached Yong Peng, and the bus uncle shouted
'Lai, stops for 25mins'
Then I was like 'huh?'
Go for pee or poo need 25mins so long??
then Celine asked me if its go to pee only,if it is and might as well just dont need get down..
At this time, uncle shouted again and he says that if no one going down,then I will be shutting the door.
Luckily Celine ask if its only for pee and now only the uncle says that we have reached Yong Peng LOL
I went to toilet and buy a few packs of tissue paper as I am stil FLU-ING !!
Didn't buy food because got no appetite to eat at all..
So I am sitting the bench beside our bus and I spotted this amazing old car!

Look!! It's a ROLLS ROYCE leh..this uncle who selling away this car must be reach when he is in his younger days...
At this time, I also get to know another girl who named Carmen.
We were talking about the lady who sit in the car must wear like Marilyn Monroe or else gonna be a very weirdo if she wear fashion fashion.
25mins passssssssst....
Now we are going all the way to Genting Highland now!!
So continue sleeping!!!
Few minuted to the top!! We are here !
Reached Genting Highland at lunch time, and we first went to the Hotel lobby to drop our luggage first before we go to Good Friend Restaurant to had our lunch.
And at this time, I get to know one of the Big Shot Blogger who named Silver, she is so pretty and friendly =)
LUNCH TIME...ding ding ding ding***

Spotted two of them while we are on the way to the restaurant to had our lunch.
The Eiffel Tower and the Clock Tower

The outside of the restaurant..
Cage with fake birds..

Good Friend Restaurant ( Hao You Ji )
Waiting the fooooood to be served..

The soup is served! Chicken Herbal Soup! So yummy !
Celine said it taste like those tonic soup for pregnant women hahaha!!

Mushroom Tofu
It's their signature dish !

Chicken with White Wine Sauce
It's also their signature dish..

The Big Tomato so red and nice hhaha..
It's like a bowl and it has a sauce in it.

The Pork Ribs..
The fish is like so fresh and it's tasty!

The dessert, at first I thought it was a Tau Sar Pheah or something,but the said the filling has 3 different ingredients and one of them is 'kaya'

The HoneyDew Sago
Done our lunch !! And it's time to check in our hotel room and everyone is curiosity about their arranged roommate..
So mine room mate is Cookie but she wanted to swift the room so yeah, my roomie is JASMINE !! The girl who talks to me first when we were in the custom =)
So when we first get into the room, Jasmine and me were like wahhh...
Because I didnt expect Nuffnang would give us a World Club Room which is a big room!!

There's also a sofa place for us to slack during the night time..
The washroom.


A shot of myself hehehhehe
The view from the bathtub place..
Bathtub!! wahhh..my all time favourite.
I got a weird philosophy which is I love to stay in Hotel is because they got a bathtub int heir washroom.
hahhaha..I planned to swim in it but the whole trip is way too rush so I CAN'T GET TO SWIM !!
so sad.. ~~

View from our room..
SO now we are done changing, placing our luggage and we rush down to lobby and meet the rest of them..
And everyone of them is busy-ing buying local (Malaysia) PREPAID CARDS,
I am not one of it because I got my own PostPaid Plan from Maxis earlier..
So I just wait for the rest of them..

This is what I do when I am too boring of waiting themm..
try out my self timer.. and there's a lady who ruin my picture.. so I MOSAIC her out..
and spot me changed my outfit!! hahah
Now my outfit is abit similar with my roomie.. Just that I am with legging and she's with denim..
They sell loads of Iphone case here but the price isnt cheap if were to compare with Singapore.

The most annoying things while I am waiting them, there's a bell on each seat and the people who rides the train can't stop ringing the bell !! arghh..is so annoying sia..
Yay!! They are done with their mobile network shopping!!
It's time to walk around and play!!
At first we were thinking to get in the theme park and play the rides at outdoor, but the time is like 5+pm d and we have to meet at 8pm for dinner so we ended up go to Ripley's Believe It or Not.
The price is only RM22 for adult !!
And there's a combo package which is Ripley's and the Haunted House..
RM35 per person.
But no one wants to go to the haunted house only left with Silver and me, so all of us just go to Ripley's
Oh yea, and at this time, I knew few new bloggers again which is Apple,Mable,Ann...


Ripley's picture
The history says that you will get pregnant once you touched them!!
WOW!! all of us like stunned at there and dare not to touch at all..hhahah

So true man!! try it!! FIND CALCULATOR now!!
Hair of Washingtons..

Baby coffine of Mexican

Tens types of shivs


Blue Face Man!!
Now I am lucky after all because I have sat on the Luckiest Chair in the world!!

A man who can play snakes with his mouth and nose..yerrr

Double Eyed Man..I editted glasses for him haha

Biggest Clam

World Tallest Man !!
To see more of the pictures in Ripley's ,
do visit the album in my Facebook !!
Its a public album and just CLICK HERE to view now !!
I'm going to end the Part 1 post now !!
Thanks to Nuffnang in Part 1 !!
Still processing the Part 2 and more to come!!
Stay Tune !!

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