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Thursday, October 4, 2012

3rd Nuffnang Evangelist Genting Trip Part 2

I am back for the Part 2 ! I hope I can finish for the MingRen Restaurand of Day 1 and also the main point of whole trip which is the SNOW WORLD in the entire Part 2 post ! I doubt I can't fit all in lehh because I am taking too much of picture !!

So instead of wasting the time, I am going to start the stories again..

Back to the Ripley's..

Around 7.45pm we are done from Ripley's and some of them wanna drop by to Sasa to grab some LADY STUFF because they are having sales.
Is like we are left with 15 mins to shop in SASA !

I bought an eyeliner and also some eye and face masks from Sasa because they are javing Mask Sales which is 4 for RM10..Yes, I repeat it once again, it's 4 for RM10 !! Can you believe it ? Is like after you converting back to SGD, it only cost you $1 per mask..and the had 3 eye patch in each pack of the eye mask, so is like $0.30 per pair of eye mask !! SO CHEAP like seriously ??!

But I didn't buy much, because I am just buying the eye mask only, now I have regretted so much and I think I should have buy more on that day !
Silver actually bought 16 masks and she can declared herself as a MASK FREAK or MASK LOVER because she told me that she will apply mask every 2 days and no wonder she has a very fair, smooth and perfect complexion of skin!!

We done our shopping at around 8+ pm and all of us are like rushing to the hotel lobby for meet up..
And my camera's battery totally flat alry so I was rushing all the way up to thr hotel room to get my extra battery again...
Now everyone is here at the lobby and it's time for our DINNER at Ming Ren Restaurant..

Tadahh~~ here we are in Ming Ren Restaurant !!


The setting is so much ATAS than the Good Friend Restaurant..
Can you spot the description??
Table for Singapore Bloggers Trip Dinner !!
Wahhh....make us feel like we are so VVIP lehh
hahaha The pros of being with Nuffnang !

Can you see the price of one table ??
Its RM1100 which means each person RM110 on their food !!
Nuffnang is way to GENEROUS so I love NUFFNANG so much!! haha
So the moment we sit down for not over 10 minutes, the foods are all slowly served one by one and I guess because we are late to show up in the restaurant, so the dish is actually almost done while we are on our way.
Not to forget, their waiter and waitress service is so GOOD !! I am going to give a FULL RATED to this restaurant ! Trust me !
Me and the Singapore Bloggers Menu Description..
My hair like so messy and can you see me tired face?
Yes,it is very tired..because I don't really sleep well while on the bus..

So while we are waiting for all dished to be served, and guess what we are doing here..
Everyone of us is giving an autograph on the menu description hahah
And we actually talk about if wanted to ask the waiter in Ming Ren Restaurant to frame it up.

Spot mine!! and my signature is like so ancient style !
My Mustache Man and also the tortoise was drawn by me =D

Silver Ang wrote on it !! We are sitting on the 'mei nv zuo' hahah
After that we were saying that we are more to '38 mei nv zuo' more than 'mei nv zuo'
Look at the tiny cute dinosaur..was drawn by Jasmine !

......Sharing the dishes now...


The papaya soup is like OVER-TASTY until I am still missing for it now..

The Japanese mackarel is very tasty too ! The moment you biute it, you can feel the salty and sweet taste like the fish you eat from Japanese Restaurant.

The Ginger Rice

Scallop with Mixed Vegetables.
The dish ended up left with only vegetables, and all the scallops gone into our tummy alry..

Long Bean

Lamb in Curry...it's quite tasty expecially the potato, but everyone is saying that the sauce is too spicy..
I did tried it, but not spicy to me ..

Lamb Leg with Special Sauce

This is the special sauce for Lamb Leg, I got no idea how it taste because none of us are trying it, because it looks like very dry..

 Are they spicy to you ?
Its a Friend Chicken with Spicy Spices on it.
Silver and Amanda tried it, they said its not spicy at all and it taste great..
Expecially Silver Ang !! She keeps persuading us to try it hahaha

My favourited dish among all of them,
The deep fried prawns is made up of WASABI taste !!
Have you all tried it before ?
Hell no !! You got to try it and ITS A MUST to try it when you got the chance to go Genting !!

We are all busy-ing taking pictures of the dish while the others are enjoying their dinner..haha
What ?? We are hardworking bloggers okayy...

I dislike this the most of all !! It might be the nice dessert for the others..no offence.
Well, some of them are saying the dessert is the specialities of the Restaurant, and they said that the ice cream is made up by using the sliced lamb meat.
That time, I was like...okayy!! I am not going to take it.. SO I ended up eat the almond piece only..\
Oh, and the yellowish thingy around it is the PUMPKIN..

SO we are taking pictures of the Autographed-Menu of us, the specialities desserts and this is the group of us during the dinner.

ME struggling using the DSLR for a selfshot.. !1
I am lifting up the DSLR for a selfshot with my both hands, and I have to bend down so that my head is in the picture with the dessert !
From this point, I am considering to buy another Semi-D for myself =)
But still thinking to get a Semi-D like Lumix LX7 or a Waterproof camera by Lumix.
Or go for 2 ??!

A shot of Kaman and Me at the Indoor Theme Park.. (First World Plaza)
I look fat in this picture..like EXPAND like a BALLOON hahaha
After our dinner, a few of us went back to our room to have a rest before going to the night round..so we decided to meet at the lift lobby of 27th floor at 11.30pm sharp !!
So when we are in the room, we got nothing much to do..
Jasmine is watching at the TV and I sat on the sofa and starts my CAM SHOT SESSION

Should I owe a straight teeth or tiger teeth ?
Which one I suit to ?

11.30pm liao !!!!
Times up and meet up with the girls at LIFT LOBBY now !!
Girls that I mean is the girls who will be joining Jasmine and me to slack during the midnight !!
- Apple -
- Mable -
- Kaman -
- Amanda -
- Jasmine -
- Me, Jowey -
Met each other and now is the time to decide where to loitre..
Amanda said wanna play Running Man..we were all like WHAT ??
you do it yourself, with yourself as a guest, VJ and the Running Man who received mission..hahaha
We ask her to play alone at the rooftop of First World Hotel LOL...
Cut The crap...so we went to First World Plaza and I went to buy Chatime since I spotted them during the noon time..
Roasted Milk Tea as my all time favourite of Chatime
Credits to Kaman who helps me to hold the Chatime..
By the time I drank half cup, I felt bloated LOL..too full alry..
And we decided to sing K now among the choices of Snooker, Bowling, Casino and Karaoke..
The price for 8 peoples in a room and 2 hours singing time only
costs us around RM100++ (10% of taxes)
So overall is like RM110 divided by 6 of us and each people only need to pay RM19 only..
which means $7.50 for 2 hours singing session..Cheaper than KBox here !
The room is FULL !! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??
Forget about the sad story, we went to bowl..
The bowling in Genting is like so Club type haha..
You can dance like in the club while bowling..
and its all dark !!
*so eventhough you did something embarassing like you don't know about the real way to bowl, nevermind! it's okay for there, because nobody will noticed that clear as the environment is damn freaking CLUB TYPE*

Kaman,Jamine and Me in one lane..
Amanda, Apple and Mabel are inanother lane..
Now...challenge accepted and starts our competition !!
No lah..just for fun only..

Oops..Mable is not looking at the camera..this shows how much she concern on the marks ..

Aiming so PRO ! haha the Miss Apple Pro !

Keep rolling rolling and keep rolling rolling..
Those WWF songs..

Mable stood at there looking at the ball so cute..haha
Amanda and me had a selfshot with iPhone front cam while waiting for our turn..

SelfShot with iPhone.

Selfshot with iPhone ..


Now self-timer shot with my DSLR I have done the game..

Now everyone joins in the Self Timer shot before we left there..
The self timer is like 2 secs, so while I am doing the focusing, they all started to ready their nice face, and I have to rush and show nice face in 2 secs time LOL ..
SO mine is RUINED hahaha..sorrrry
From left : Amanda, Apple, Kaman , Mable (top), Jasmine (below) and ME
Overall results ranking of the bowling game..
1st : Kaman
2nd : ME
3rd : Jasmine
4th - 6th : I'm not sure with their rank LOL..
We are done with our Bowling Game, so we went to the cinema to check out what movie they got..and I am busying taking pictures of the fake Statue of Liberty and the Golden Awards Statue..

at this time, we heard OPPA GANGNAM STYLE song !!
we were all like so excited and starts to dance while walking towards the music.. hahaha
and we made the last action of the MV *the bond action* in front of Baskin Robbins..
Then we went to Starbucks to buy some drinks and food (cake) before all of us slacking in our room (Room of Jamine and me) because our room is the nearest to the lift.
at first we were planning to make a short video while slacking but we ended up start talking non-stop and so on bla bla bla...and blaaa..
Well I didn't know that we can talk so much on our first meeting only..which is a fresh friend to all of us, and we can talk like we knew each other for quite sometime d..so I can says that 6 of us is soooo friendly *self proclaimed*
Chat until the time strikes 3++am and Apple suggested we might as well no need sleep for the night and slack until morning.. so we were like OKAYY !! So Jasmine and me went to bath first while the others continue to talk..
But Amanda went back to her room to sleep first..so left 5 of us..and we decided to do mask at the time of 4++am !!
First time in my life, applying mask at that hour ! Is like so crazyyy ..

Oh no !! my Single Eyelid vs. Double Eyelid !!
COMBO ...so fuglyyy..
but we ended up decides to take a short nap for like an hour half before we wake up for our breakfast..
Actually the breakfast is an optional , wether to eat or not..
but all of us thought it's compulsory so we die die also wake up for the breakfast before we head to Snow World!
Okayy...too long post for you...
So I decided to make a Part 3 on my Breakkie and Snow World moment..
Stay Tune for my Part 3 !!
Read Part 1 & 2 while waiting for Part 3 !!

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