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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Formula 1 in Singapore

Yay! I am going to share something about Formula 1..
And yes !! I am like finally got the chance to watch Formula 1 scene by my own naked eyes and also experience the vrooooooom sound of the car by my own ears !!
I can say that the feeling of watching it and listening to the BIG VROOOOM sound is like fucking awesome sia !!
Although I am not those VIPs or those rich kids who can go to watch it with buying the F1 tickets and cost for like thousands..
I can get the chance to experience it is because I worked there for event helper !!
I am not going to talk much in this post as this post is meant to be sharing the pictures of F1 only.
So yeah..just sit and look at the pictures will do..hehhee
I actually got the short film of the F1 car doing rehearsal lah but I am still figuring how to upload it !
Will share it once I done figured out !
Sorry for so slowwwww ~~
Time for pictures !!
The uniform is like SUPER BIG for me so I just try to make it smaller LOL

Yeah I knw the date of the string is like abit outdated d..

The reason I share the pictures of the sunlight is because I woke up at 6.30am for the sake of the F1..
Sounds like I am so 'wei da' LOL
No lah..is because it starts at 8am ..

There's also invited POP ARTIST from other countries for the Village concert..
But too bad that those FAMOUS ARTIST like Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Jay Chou is at other Zone and mine is Zone 1..
The artist all not well known eh ..so sienn..

Village Stage

Sky Suite level which meant to those VVIPs ..

Sky Suite of Marina Bay Sands 

The Handwash of the Toilet is from LONDON want lehh..so ATAS...

The beverages booth on the sky decks..

The sky decks for those VVIPs of Sky Suite only..

Can you spot the videoman on it??

Turn 2

Rehersal starts !

 They first use the modified sports car to try the road first before the kart..

The night view of the circuit !! Is like so amazing!! hahahha I wish that I am those VVIPs daughter or something..so I can watch LIVE !
This is all I got for the F1 event !!
Hope you enjoy it!!
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