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Thursday, October 4, 2012

3rd Nuffnang Evangelist Genting Trip Part 3

Back to the breakkie that we had..
We are staying the WORLD CLUB ROOM on the 27th floor so of course we will be having our breakfast on the World Club Lounge where you can enjoy the entire view from the highest floor (28th) of First World Hotel.
Again, we sounds like those atas VVIPs..haha

My breakfast..
A bowl of cereal, Omelette with Ham and Cheese, Cheese Scamble Eggs, 2 glasses of Pink Guava and 2 glasses of Orange Juice..

View from the World Club Lounge
So everyone is rushing back to change and get ready but Jasmine and me already done!!
But we went back, to get some stuff and go to washroom before we head to the Lobby to meet the rest of them.
Now, it's time for SNOW WORLD after everyone are here in the lobby !!
Exciting over the snowy snowy place...

Can you see??! It's written -8 celcius degree!!
It's freaking cold inside..imagine yourself like the Titanic scene when Leonardo DeCarpio is about to die!!


Queue-ing to take the winter coat, gloves and also the boots..

Winter coat for kids..is like SO CUTE!!

Got a candid shot hahaha..obviously right ?
A shot by Kaman's Camera (Left : Jasmine, me and Kaman)

by Cookie's 2 side-frame Dig Camera..is a good cam for those people who love SELCA alot!
Another shot by Cookie's Dig.Cam
Oh ya!! Meet the girl who has same nickname with me, Joey (The girl wearing specs at the center back there)

Time to get our jackets..the jackets are like SUPER BIG !!
Spot Sophie,Melissah,Randy and Ben in the pictures..

The gloves by sizes..

Boots you can borrow to wear it in..
but if your show are very thick, my advice is don't need to get their boots, because is not as thick as you think..
I'm still freeze to death from my feet although I wore their boots..
So if you have thicker shoes, NEVER WEAR THEIR BOOTS !


Taken by my camera, I know and I know, it's so blur and I still insist to SHARPEN it aahahha..
*kia su*
it's because Gabby and Jayne helped us to take pictures, and everyone is giving away their camera to two of them so ended up they are like carrying 10+ cams on each person of them..pity Jayne and Gabby.
Plus,that time was a rush so I guess, she didn't focus it well..
So still THANKS to them !

So, to still show all of you the group pictures of the Bloggers in 3rd Nuffnang Evangelist Trip,
I steal it from Amanda's Blog preview ehhehe..
We were all like smile till cramp! hahaha
because we are all staying on a smile for 20+ picture shot because there's 20+ cameras there..
So after done taking pictures, we opened the door to get in the Snow World,
at that moment, everybody goes like WOW~~
The super cool air starts to freeze us although we just standing outside..
So people who afraid or can't stand to cold, better don't go in, or else you may get your nose bleed..

When everyone done taking pictures of the Snow World..
Jayne and Gabby started to announce that we have games to play..
And there's 3 tasks of games..
The game is like Running Man's game just that not extreme enough like those Running Man's Hide and Seek game..
So I hope that one day, Nuffnang can organise a Running Man game for those Bloggers from Nuffnang only. hehhee
For the groups..
We will need to split ourself under the captain of the group which is
1. Benjamin
2. Randy
3. Silver
4. Sophie
5. Melissa
Kaman, Apple, Mabel,Benjamin and I is under a group..
so Benjamin is our CAPTAIN !
Hi Captain Ben !
Task 1 of the game :
We will be given a few pieces of cards which has a mission in it.
1. Find a kids and kiss on the face of 2 members and snap a pictures of it.
2. Build a snowman with snow and snap a picture of it
3. Find a guest to piggyback or carry one of the members and snap a picture of it.
4. Find a guest who wear spectacles and snap a pictures with the entire members of the group.
Captain Ben is putting effort in asking a kids to help us with the mission..
But the kids refuse to do it so he rejected us..so sad

Then we saw 2 cute babies coming in the Snow World, and I quickly approach to his mother and ask if she can allows her babies to help us with the mission..
The cute mother replied me, CAN RM10 each kiss!! hahahah
*joking lahh*
So we done our 1st mission successfully...
CREDIT to the baby , Benjamin and Kaman.
2nd Mission :

I am the snowhead and Snowhand..and my body is the snow rocks..
So this is our snowman!! LOL
3rd Mission :
I've deleted the pictures of the piggyback because the pictures is too blur and bright..
And I am the one who got on the piggyback and we find the guest from the workers in the Snoworld.
4th Mission :
Did it successfully hehhee

Task 2 of the game :
Find as many heart Shape Balls as you can.
There are 15 in totals.
And out group get to find 2 of them only..
Task 3 of the game :
Make a snowball and had a war.
If you got hit by the opponent's snowball, then you are considered OUT!
At first I took a ice cube and mix with snowball so the percentage of winning is higher, but they said this can hurt someone,so I threw it away..
ended up the opponent's team is getting that ice cube too!!
So is like Im throwing a gold to other group's people LOL
Games end and Times up for us.. So everyone is having a great fun in the Snoworld although is very cooling and freezing..but it's worth!
Now, get a team picture !!
From left : Mabel, Apple, Benjamin, Kaman and Me

Winner of the Snow World games will fall to
Task 1 - Silver's Group
Task 2 - Randy's Group
Task 3 - Sophie's Group
Congrats to them..
Although our group didn't win for the game but it's a great time for us! So FIGHTING !
But Benjamin is so funny while Jayne and Gabby is announcing the winners,
he kept saying 'my team right my team right??'
and 'why no my team want ?'
hahha..he is so cute LOL..
Now, it's time to pack up and go for lunch before we board the coach..
We were also left 10 minutes to pack up our luggage before the Check-Out time..
Jasmine and me like pack up damn fast sia.. *chaotic*
And our luggage is like a MESS...

I need this badly to energize me..
By the time having our lunch, I'm like a walking zombie alry..
After drank it, Jasmine, and I run all the way to Sasa to buy the Mask again! LOL
I can say that it's very very very very tiring ..exhausted =(

Gathering in Lobby before go to the Coach Terminal.
A picture of me and Silver Ang..she's so pretty in real-life

The blogger who have the same name as mine just that differnt spelling..
Joey and Jowey !! ahhaha

On the way back ...round and round again..

The place where bus uncle dropped us down to buy those Malaysia local's snacks and food in Kuala Lumpur.

Finally I dare to approach to Pei Shi to take picture with her =)
My face look damn tiring compare to the 1st day..
I want amore nice picture but bp bian..this is the only picture I got..
If I have the chance to meet her again, I would definately take a picture with her again..

Benjamin and I
Randy and I
They look so perfect and I look so imperfect in this picture cause of the tired look..
I hope I can see them again in next events or sponsored trip, so that I can take a picture with them again!!

Here we are in Kuala Lumpur ..on our way back home now..
Most of the people in the car is asleep now..
I am also going to sleep soon !!
Last Shot of me and Kaman..
I sit right next to her during our way back home..

Reached SG and having dinner with the boyfie in LongJohn SIlver, Vivocity after done my stock check in Tangs..
P/s : Knowing Nuffnang is the greatest thing in my life, and this makes me have the great chance to interact with others bloggers and can make new friends from here as I just came to SG by my own for a year but I don't really have much friends in Singapore yet because I spent most of my time in working and computer..thats all..
So got no extra times to hang out to know more people ..
Besides, I was surprised that I got shorlisted by Nuffnang because of the RWG post I have blogged about. I am so happy the moment Nuffnang gave us a call.
The entire trip is FULLY SPONSORED by Nuffnang which means you don't have to pay any single cents except for your very own expenses like shopping and extra food..
What to ask more ?? Nothing to ask more and I have to feel so BLISS hahhaa..
Thanks again to Nuffnang Singapore and I really appreciate for the opportunities that nuffnang had given to me to join the sponsored trip!
Hopefully I can be one of their Gliterrati Plus Member ASAP and got invited to more of their events,sponsored trips, sponsorships,advertorials,products reviees and so on..
And I hope I can gain more readers day by day..
Lats but not least, hope that NUFFNANG can organised a RUNNING MAN game someday just for those Nuffies like us !!
Looking forward for it!!
Done for the entire post of Nuffnang Evangelist Genting Trip..
Stay Tune for more upcoming post readers !!



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