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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to Penang for A Week

I think that the other day I have made a very short post of me having a very BAD LUCK DAY while I am on my way back to Penang. Hmm.. now I am going to tell about why I would say so that the day is really not my day.

You saw this stupid ticket that I am given by the stupid baggage checker? 
FML and why am I so bad luck lehh.. 
I got FINE $100 for over baggage and this is the first time ever. 
Is really not my day right? arghhh... 

This is my bad mood selca while waiting for the flight in the morning at 7am ++
So tired but well I will FULLY ENERGISED once I reach my HOMETOWN,Penang YAY!! 

As always, the first thing that make me excited of all time is my DOGGY!! Look at his face please!! 
Cute right ? Correct me if I am wrong? hahahaha

Before I start my journey in Penang, I would like to explain the purpose of me going back this time. 
I went back for a week to get a break before I start my new job in Sephora,so I really plan to go for a very relaxing and without packing up my entire schedule so yeah.. 
I will only meet my usual cliques of all times only and for the rest if I didn't get the time to meet you guys, please forgive me alright.. next time though? 

Take a nap with my baby doggy before officially going out with my bestie..
I don't really sleep well for that 2 hours and you know why? 
My doggy keep lick me for 2 hours man! I can't even get a good sleep..
Is quite annoying haha so I slapped his butt LOL

Pictures taken while they are waiting for me to pack up and go to Yen's house for overnight..

Clarice, my sister hehhe.. 
SHe damn clever because kshe always throw her car key and ask me to drive LOL
But I love to drive her car because is really smooth.. CREDITED!

Talk non-stop one..Candid them..and they going to kill me when they see this..

And check this out!! My grandma even dyed a PURPLE HAIR..
My grandma so stylo..unexpected haha

hahhahaha my dog looks like teddy bear lehh hahaha..
Now I started to miss him while I am blogging right now =((

Day 2 

I actually love my doggy having a very long hair but my mum refused to let my dog to keep long hair =(
So we went to Wonderland PetShop to trim his hair.

The shop is located at somewhere near Sunrise Gurney, Penang.

Before we going out.. LOOK at HIM!! 
He is standing on the box where my grandma store her sewing stuff.. 
I betrayed him LOL hahaha

The little cute Terrier waiting for sale in the petshop

Trimming..he stood at there like so steady..

This HUSKY is damn pretty!! 

The also got trolley..is the same as the real baby trolley..

Their cute clothes..

Having lunch with mummy and Amanda
Look at the DIY decoration in the shop..

They are quite famous and was recommended by newspaper quite few times. 
Besides, they got a lots of flavour for their 'Tang Yuan'

Ginger soup and Milk soup 

Bolognese noodles but not pasta 

I like this Blue tang yuan 

It's Chocolate in it

Try it today or when you got the chance to visit Penang

Yo Whassssup!! My dog and Comme Des Fuckdown cap.. 

Before I end this post, check this out. 
SEE!! what's this?? 
18xx ahhh... actually it's just a pen from China 

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