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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part 2 : Back to Penang

Well, I am BACK to [ Part 2 : Back to Penang ] . So this time round I am going to share about my one day trip in Hatyai with my beloved mum, and yummy foods with the cliques as always. I might doing Part 3 to blog about my outdoor photoshooting portfolio if I really can't squeeze everything in this post. LOLLL...
*I can make it if only I cut all the crap, like seriously..*

HATYAI One Day Trip with Mummy =))

At first, I thought that my mum will drive down to Hatyai so I actually counted my brother and my grandma are going along too but 2 days before we go, she told me that we will take van go so I am so sorry that we actually  left my grandma and brother at home and my brother actually get mad at us. The van only cost RM60 for return way. WORTH IT . Well, its good that he didnt go because we were like kind of rush and I am pretty sure that if he follow us, he will even mad. LOL.. 

Anyway, we woke up at 4am in the morning and the van will pick us up at 5am sharp, then pick up the following passengers. First thing I would like to say is the van is FREAKING COLD. Second I would like to HIGHLIGHT IS the 3 freaking aunty keep talk non stop from their house until Hatyai. OMG are you kidding me, you don't need to sleep but we need okay. I even show face right to them and they like no feeling one. Damn thick skin sia..Please be considerate of others and its not like you book the entire van okay? 

SO after an hour plus, here's the destination where we stop for our breakfast before we go to the checkpoint of Malaysia and Thailand. 


Look at the weather man! Its freakin cold and yea its a FOG..can you imagine how cold it is? 

Okay, before I started to show you the pictures in Hatyai, I would like to share the purpose of me coming all the way to Hatyai. 

1. Thai Traditional TomYum!!
2. Thai Traditional Full Body Massage
3. Hot Dog Burger from 7Elevem
4. Party Yam Caramel snacks
4. Mango Rice
5. Thai Assorted Mix Instant Noodles

Now, we are here for the 5 main things!!

Spotted who??


Lee Garden Mall and spotted Sizzler there ..

I never expect that I could used up everything..Spent too much =(

Arghh!! My 7 Eleven HotDog Burger

The reason I like being around inThailand's 7 Eleven is because I can't stop tempting towards the small lil cute packaging beverages. Awww...

Finally I am here for a Full Body Massage and guess what, it's only 200baht per hour as in FULL BODY kay?? Cheap right?

Thailand Scented Rice

Tom Yum Goong.. 

Fried Egg and the taste is AWESOME


Bird Nest and it's quite famous in Hatyai

Shop for food in the market...I got no idea where is it..haha

Odean Supermarket and Department Store
Check out the whole row of Instant Noodles

Mango Rice by the roadside.

Things we do when we are buying too many stuffs hahaha..
Elmo and cookie monster bag hahaha


 Sticky Rice for the Mango

Picture of my mum taken in front of Odean Mall

Their Tut Tut car

My all time favourite drinks hehehe..

OOTD...damn simple and this outwear causes me cold like hell in the van..

hahahhaa MY MUM drinking water at there LOL epic sia

Took this picture to send for my boyfie while waiting the vanm in the hotel

Taken while waiting for the massager. 

Food and sweets that I bought from Hatyai. Look at their Limited Edition Mentos (Tutti Frutti Flavour)

I am so sorry if I didn't say much for this post by just posting the pictures representing everything, because I am having a hectic days this month and I really got no time to update my blog but I really tried hard to update it, so I am blogging at a very late time right now and to prevent from typing wrong Grammar so I decided to update post by posting pictures without typing too much although I think I upload the picture like un-organised hahahha. Hope you still enjoy it and Merry Christmas!! 

I will update more soon once I got a free time.. 
Stay Tune for more post coming up.. 

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