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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Domino Event

Today I am not going to talk only food but an awesome apps for you when you are very hungry as well! So I was invited to attend Domino's event last few days and the event was held in Kovan. So luckily I'm not alone attending this event because I will be very awkward if I'm alone.. NOOOOOO~~ well, Apple is going with me too! So excited, I think she's one of them who I'm still contact with eversince the last Nuffnang Genting Trip. We meet each other in Kovan station and we decided to walk there together.

We reach there at 7pm sharp and both of us are damn hungry...Guess what? We bumped into a friends that went to the Genting trip too which is Celine !! Long time no see gal, and she's a very talkative and active person.. Learnt lots of tricky methods from her.. haha because she's a very daring person I can say, as in daring to voice out whatever she feels. 

The event is about to start in few minutes time and we received a file of Domino which contains some flyers and brochure about Domino and comes along with a FREE MEAL VOUCHER. This is exciting.. 


Now the event is officially starts.. 
So the marketing management of Domino is giving a speech and she's going to intro the apps that I mentioned just now to us and to you guys out there. 

Hmm...everyone is paying attention very well..

Today the topic is about Double Value Deal and also the Domino's Apps

 The Double Value Deal is about buying two regular pizza at only one price, at the same time the will be giving 50% extra Beef Pepperoni and 50% Smoked Chicken Breast on the pizza and of course, there will be NO EXTRA CHARGES !! It's a great deal isn't? 

There's more deal and you can check out on their website. 

SEE !! Its only costs you $22 for 2 pieces of Pizza plus it's a NETT PRICING and FREE DELIVERY service. 
But the delivery service is only selected places and more to town area..

Now, she's teaching us how to use the apps in iPhone. 
FYI this Domino Apps is only available for iPhone user.
You can download it today and check it out how it works. 

You need to sign up your details in it like your name, contact number and also address. 
So when you want to order pizza from the apps, you just log in your ID, choose the pizza and any extra remarks in the apps and they will send it to the address taht you saved previously. 
And the policy is you will get your pizza in 30 minutes time. As in ON TIME ! That is why they have selected areas. 

So you actually can tract your order by using online, because they got gps tracker to track where your pizza is.. but of course you need to log in into your account first. 
SO high-tech OMG.. 

Now our delivery is here! and it's time to EAT !! 

 The delivery man is here and it means the food is also here.. YAY !! 

More to come..just wait.. 

More and more..eat and eat.. snap and snap...

Hawaiian Paradise

Simply Cheese
MUST TRY if you're a cheese lover !! 
Deeplu in love with it..

Garlic Cheese ORings and Crazy Chicken Crunchies

Garlic Cheese O-Rings

Classic Pepperoni

Ultimate Hawaiian

Chilli Chicken

Crazy Chicken Crunchies

Golden Roasted Drummets. Recommended !!

Celine the ambassador of Drummets LOL

Golden Roasted Drummets

Everyone is busy-ign taking pictures instead of eating..Well well well, they're doing their job..

Now the heavenly dessert is here, Chocolate Hot Lava
It's made up by Belgium's Chocolate
It taste something similar to brownie but it's not with an ice cream. 
It just melts like lava once you poked the centre of the cake. 
While you eat, you can feels the heat of chocolate and melts right away.. 
OMG!! So yummy!! Miss that already...

the Lava from the Chocolate Hot Lava cake

This is our overall 'tabao' of left-food
 (Tabao = packed in dialect hokkien or mandarin)

We're done our dinner and it's time to take a groupie picture.. 
I have seen a few blogs is about Domino as well but don't have such big crowds before, and we are the batch with more crowds I can say.. 

Bog crowds and spot me with the OMG signage.. Im so short and I need a chair to stand and hid behind them.. LOL

WOW and OMG 

Celine, Me and Apple

Again us..

Celine with her friends

Oops, before I end this, a few of us actually went to visit the kitchen of Domino and we actually see how they do the pizza and baked it. They have a huge oven which costs hundred thousands (as expensive as a car) and the huge oven manage to bake a lot of pizza at the same time. The oven only takes 6 minutes to baked the entire pizza. Damn fast.
We manage to see the chef inside the kitchen flipping the pizza dough as well. 
We are not allowed to take picture so I can't show you guys the view of the oven. 

But, it's really awesome and this is the best experience I ever gain.. 
Had a great food time too hahaha.. 

Visit and order DOMINO today! 
DOn't forget to download the apps too if you are an iPhone user. 

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