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Friday, March 1, 2013

Say YES! to Kotex Fresh Liners

Today's topic is about Yes! to Kotex Fresh Liners.. I am going to intro their latest products and of course, currently they having promotions going on at all stores of Watsons in Singapore!! Read now and grab it fast!!

Before I start the introduction, I am going to share a story about the 'bad' of not using fresh liner!!! Well, LADIES is meant to be more hygiene and feminine compared to boys, am I right? Somehow, some of the girls they might not know to be real hygiene towards themselves. Well, I got no offence for this issue but I am telling the truth. Having a few pieces of sanitary napkins and fresh liners into our bags is always neccesary to do it because it's all about cleanliness of our own or they might be useful especially EMERGENCY *guess you know what I mean*. I am not just going to talk about this, but did you know that if we didn't use any fresh liner as a daily habit, in a long term, you may find out something that there's no cleanliness on your panties because there's some stains on it? And it's like ewwwww~~ for this and I think you really need FRESH LINER to prevent this problem and of course, it can helps you feel fresh always instead of having some weird smells after a long day.. SO, keep your panties clean from today onwards !!

Now it's time to know more about the brand new Kotex Fresh Liner !!
As everyone know that Kotex is a brand of hygiene products,which includes a whole range from panty liners to pads. Kotex is a long-standing brand with strong equity, where consumers trusts and believe in. KOtex currently ranks 2nd in the panty liner segment in the market, and aspires to convert user from current leader, to become the market leader. Besides, Kotex is the first brand to own a full range of breathable liners in Singapore !

For the Kotex Fresh Liners, they've actually designed a liners which can lasts, and of course keep you fresh as long as it can! Plus, it's breathable now so you will be more comfortable with it as well. Kotex Fresh Liners have what it takes to make it through the thoughest thing that any women can put them through a regular day in their lives. As I researched for the tests, 2x women rated Kotex Fresh Liners as it's more durable and being able to hold their shape and not twist, fold or fray, better than the leading brand of liner. Kotex has also newly upgraded their full range, and now Kotex is the first to own 100% range of breathable of liners in Singapore.

Kotex Breathable liners can be use daily to absorb perspiratioon and discharge.Besides, Kotex Fresh Breathable appears to be significantly more absorbent and dry and this will keeps you dry and clean feeling for everyday use. The most interesting part is the liners finished by a soft touch cotton like cover so that it can prevents irritation. The liners is comfy because it designed by the thinner ends and raised centre for better fit and comfort. The main point is the liners is always STAYS IN PLACE as it's double all around channels to help prevent bundling. It won't bunch up,l fold or fray even after a long day of a lot of activity. Kotex Fresh Liner is also dermatologically tested for daily use so IT IS SAFE!!

This Kotex Fresh Liner comes with a very refreshing look packaging and of course there will be two sizes. Bigger packs contains 32 liners and smaller containc of 16 liners. The liners is also longer and wider sompared to the normal liners. and can you spot the picture of the breathable?

To check out more, please go to their Facebook at : 

To know more information about it, you can also check out in Cosmopolitan Magazine (March 2013 issue)
- There's some FAQ in it and of course some informations of the importance to wear a liner.

Faster go GRAB one for yourself and make it as a habit of using it daily if you don't ! 
If you have the habit, try out KOTEX today !
No HARM to save your cutie and sexy panties ! 
Guaranteed FRESHNESS all day for your own comfy ! 

From 28th February 2013 till 27th March 2013, Watsons is running a $2.00 attractive promo offer for a pack of Kotex Fresh Regular Liner (usual price at $2.95). Try a Pack today !