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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 1 in Bangkok

Hi, like finally I am back from Bangkok one week ago after planning for so many months.. *worth it*
Of course, I am back to my blog again.. Frankly, I don't get enough of shopping in Bangkok yet and I am missing there day by day so I will be going there every year once! *crazy?*

I am very happy during this trip because besides playing and walking around in Bangkok, at the same time I can get to meet my dad in Bangkok after our last met like 6 years ago.. WOW.. I really miss him..
So because of my dad is around, so we ended up cancel our plan and changed plan which is go to Pattaya beach as well. It was too awesome!!

I just check out my pictures from the both cameras..I have tooooooo many pictures to share with you guys..
Excited yet ??

Here we go, we are ready to Bangkok !!!

This is what we areg going to spent in Bangkok for 5 days!! 

Home, waiting, waiting and waiting...

Say goodbye to our dearest triangle ...

Treats from cousin in the airport, Coffee Bean *Thanks*

Flying...taking offfff~~~ Bye Singapore! 

Well, before I start sharing my pictures, I would like to tell you guys that where did we go during the trip..

1st night we actually went to Mansion 7 and before that, my dad told me that i will be getting out from there after I stepped in for 10 mins..I don't believe and I insist to go, ended up....His is right!!! We left after taking pictures of the building as nothing much in the building but just the haunted house. So we settle down in a 7-Eleven which is next to the Mansion 7 and had our very late dinner..

Asok BTS 

Done our late dinner + supper somewhere around Mansion 7, 
Now it's time to go back rest!! 
Of course, take picture time!! 

Before that, I would like to credited to the Mix Bangkok Boutique Hotel..
Its really a nice hotel and the room is really cosy!! 
Cheap and Nice! Fully Recommended !! 
Seriously, I never expect that the room can be so big.. 
2 Kindg size bed in one room.. *thumbs up!*

That's all for the Day 1 in Bangkok..
Stay tune for the Day 2 in Bangkok and so on !!!

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