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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 2 in Bangkok

Back to topic which is Day 2 in Bangkok after 2 weeks time, *I know right* . Gonna chop chop and cut cut and show more pictures.. 

So the first place to go when we head out is not for breakfast but praying time! The reason I came to Bangkok is also part of the Erawan Shrine too, I always wanted to go to pray for the four-faced buddha which is so called Erawan Shrine, one of the famous place in Bangkok nowadays. It is located at Siam Centre and right in front of Grant Hyatt Hotel. Now, seems like my dreams had come true but of course, if I had a chance I will be going back to pray again.

Taken from the bridge..Look how crowded it is. 
It's one of the most amous of Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. 
Hopefully everything will go smoothly after praying it.. 

Just for you information, if whoever of you are interested in praying Erawan Shrine, the best advice is to buy all the materials from the indoor which is the stalls in the gate instead of the row of stalls at outside of the gate. We actually got cheated from the row of stalls (outside of the gate) while we went to buy the materials that we need for the praying. By right, the materials are only sell at RM5 ($2.20) but we ended up got cheated and pay for all the material at RM160 ($75) per person. 
We were like stunt for a moment when they tell us the total amount, well we were actually thinking of rejecting to buy but the people unseal all the things alry so got no choice. 
So I will take it as a lesson and won't get cheated again if I were to go for the second time. 

It's for praying anyway, so just thought of paying for a charity. 

Tips of praying the Erawan Shrine are you need to pray from the front face first which is you can see the position of the whole feature instead of only the head. For girls, you need to pray by clockwise and guys must be anti-clockwise. 

After done praying Erawan SHrine, we went to had our breakfast in McDonalds nearby there before we head to Chatuchak Market. 

Yeah!! Chatuchak market is here.. 
Look at the crowd from the flyover bridge, it's crazy man and look at the HOT weather. 
It's MAD HOT lo...
For your information, Chatuchak Market will be opening on the weekends only. 

Well, I don't know what's the point of taking this picture but still just post up la.. 
Maybe the vandalism art? hahaha

 I'm not sure if it's a real one from a dead crocodile.. 
Didn't bother to ask because it's like a chicken talk to a duck.. hahahha

This flower candle is really nice and the smell is awesome. 
It's all handmade in Thailand. 

It's handmade in Thailand too.
I saw the owner making one by one while I am paying money to buy one as well. 
A aluminium can also can be an art. 
So save the environment by reuse it. 

Soaps with different choices of smells 

Aroma oil from Thailand.
Most of the Thai Massage centre will actually burning the Aroma Oil so that the environment is relax and comfortable. 

A hidden CZ12 in Chatuchak market.. hahhaha

WHile shopping half way, we discovered this cute lil boy. 
He's so chubby and cute.. hahaha and he licked me while I say goodbye to him.. 
So sweet~~ 

This is how Chatuchak Market looks like (centre of the market)
Various kinds of tourist appears in there.. 

It's time to have our lunch and have a break.. 
The weather is getting hotter and hotter.. 

I know I know, my eyes is imbalanced, because I was trying to do some expression but well I failed..
SO just IGNORE pleaseee...

My girlfriend who followed me during this trip, Amanda.

The original taste of Tom Yum Goong is here FINALLY!! 
OMG!! Till now, I still miss the taste of it.. 
I really LOVE BANGKOK!! 

Picture of us.. 

 Prad Thai, it's quite tasty and not really spicy eventhough the noodles might look like spicy.. 
It's slightly sweet.. 

Corn and corncup.. 
Bought it and I expect it could be the same as the corn cup here but NO, their corncup is sweet instead of salty, so I kind a think of siamese love sweet things.. haha

Their TUK TUK car.. 

Overall, we didnt shop much in Chatuchak as there's too many stores in it, and we dont know which way to go and the weather is getting more and more hot, so we planned to settle down in a cafe to rest a lil while, so we went to MBK to see if there's anything to shop.. 

Saw this in a small stalls at teh BTS station. 
The hairstyle looks like mine so took a picture of it. 

Look at the cover of the notepad, it's so special and 3D.. 
It's like an embroidery

So we settle down ourselves in Mcdonalds and clean up our stuffs so we can continue shopping in MBK again but too bad MBK is not a good shopping place. 
I just manage to buy a set of brush set from there at RM90. 
The things at there not really cheap if its a nice one. 
All costs 1000 baht and above.. 
So not worth buying it. 
We ended up go back to our hotel room to leave down the things that we have shopped earlier and take a bath. After that, we went for a dinner with my dad. 

Tadaaa, dinner time!! 
The clothes that I am wearing is from Chatuchak Market. Bought it at 200 baht which is RM20 ($8) only.Damn cheap.. 
Got to wear it as I bought it is because I just bring 1 set of clothes for this trip only.
Insane I know.. 

Look at the nice lightning of the Central Plaza Mall just right opposite of Phra Ram 9 LRT station. 

My dad pick us up at this stationa dn we head to a SEAFOOD DINNER in Thailand! 
Here's the destination, Nathong Seafood Restaurant. 
It was a nice place and recommended. 
The food here is awesome and there's a live band as well. 

Stage for the live band

Look at the crowd please.. 
The food here must be tasty..Can't wait to try their food and their TomYum. 
*I'm a TomYum freak*

View from our seats..

Curious for what we eat earlier? 
Here's the dishes that makes you drools 

Deep fried fish with Thai recipe black sauce. 
I miss this so much, it's really tasty and the fish its crispy while you bite it.

White Seafood Tom Yum

My Favourite, Salad Prawn Ball

Thai style Chicken & Oyster Omelette (Thai Style Orh-Chien)

Next station after our dinner will be Patpong Night Market. 

The people along this street will always ask the passer by if they want to watch Tiger Show, Ping Pong Show and various kinds of show they have. 
I guess Tiger show is much more better compare to Ping Pong Show as the show is really..disgusting..
hahaha..I guess you can make some research on their Ping Pong Show if you are curious about it. 
Still No offence alright.. 

Look at the blades they sell, it's so nice and interesting. 
Nothing much to shop here actually but we manage to grab some accesories here.

Look at the trees with full of birds. 
Imagine you standing right below and I think you must be very 'kan cheong' hahaha..
Because the birds may pee and poo at anytime..

Done for the Day 2 and it's time to reveal what we buy on the second day before we head to Day 3 

Thats all for today.. 
Mad love my brush set and not wanting to use it till now.. hahah 
Just treasure it. 

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